Aid for Agricultural Automation - Agricultural Dump Truck

With the development of science and technology and the advancement of mechanization, the use of purely human labor is becoming less and less. The same applies to agriculturalization. There are seeders, harvesters, and land presses. Introduce a farm dump truck today. First of all, dump trucks are a kind of cargo vehicles, also known as dump trucks. They are often used in conjunction with machinery such as excavators, loaders, and belt conveyors. The agricultural dump truck is used for agricultural operations, that is, transporting bulk cargoes such as fertilizers and agricultural products, saving manpower, saving time, and improving production efficiency.


The types of dump trucks used for agricultural dumping are divided into backward-inclined, three-inclined, bottom-dumping, and cargo-carrying tanks. Its composition is generally Class II chassis, tilting mechanism (car body, dumper system, sub-frame), hydraulic system (piping system, fuel tank, oil pump, control valve, etc.), dumping power system, dumping mechanism accessories (Safety struts, limit devices, opening and closing mechanisms) and so on.

Agricultural dump trucks have good dynamics, stability and coordination, and must not have large power shocks, reduce the damage probability of impact on the various parts of the mechanism, and ensure the service life of the machine. Agricultural dump trucks, as the name suggests, save manpower. By using hydraulic pressure to automatically discharge materials through specific institutions, the containers are raised to a certain angle. When they reach the maximum corner, the goods are smoothly dumped.


In recent years, the technology of this kind of dump truck has been developing and renewing. It has been extended in the quality and service life of the vehicle. In the aspect of manufacturing and processing, agricultural dump trucks are specialized towards chassis production, and parts production is specialized. The development of specialization for auxiliary and auxiliary production, extensive use of computer-assisted technology to improve the quality of design and shorten the design and development cycle, and the use of high-strength aluminum alloys, stainless steels, engineering plastics and polymeric materials, etc. in the configuration of materials . The replacement of agricultural dump trucks is very fast now. There are also new four-wheel drive agricultural dump trucks, and the off-road tyres are suitable for rough road conditions such as mud, snow, and gravel in rural areas, while also meeting the large rural load capacity. The demand for hydraulic power steering can effectively reduce the driving intensity, the interior is beautiful and advanced, and the design is very user-friendly. It is designed with the specific environment of agriculture.

With the advent of agricultural dump trucks, the intensity of work for drivers and agricultural personnel is reduced, and the automatic unloading of goods is thoroughly implemented. The efficiency of agricultural work is increased, and the efficiency of agricultural dump trucks is maximized, which has wide application value. Agricultural dump trucks have developed into many brands nowadays, and at the time of purchase, it is recommended that you purchase products from large manufacturers with guaranteed quality.

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