Application of Universal Test System on Automotive Radiator Test Bench to Axis

The heat-dissipation system test application now uses the test bench of Dongfeng Bessie Motor Radiator Co., Ltd., which uses this test system as an example, to specifically describe the working process of this system. The performance test of automotive radiators is mainly based on JB2293-1978, and the test contents mainly include heat dissipation performance, wind resistance, and water resistance. The user can set the parameters of the operating condition control point. The execution mode of the test condition parameter acquisition and control is computer automatic/user manual. Based on the above basic schematic diagram, the design of the test bench test system. The test bed is mainly composed of a fan (including a fan), a circulating water circuit, and a measurement and control device. The fan drafts a uniform air flow through the test piece. The circulating water circuit sends the hot water from the heating boiler to the test piece. When the air flow passes through the test piece, it takes away some of the heat of the hot water, thus lowering the water temperature. The system automatically adjusts the heating power or fan speed to quickly achieve thermal balance under different operating conditions. By measuring the test parameters under each operating condition, parameters such as the standard heat dissipation and resistance characteristics of the test piece to evaluate the performance of the heat sink can be obtained.

The data acquisition data acquisition point is set according to national standards and combined with the actual conditions of the test bench. Wind speed, wind temperature, wind resistance, and wind pressure were measured using a pitot tube tachometer, including a pitot tube and a differential pressure sensor. The test piece is placed at the center of the cross-section of the test section. All the air flowing into the air duct passes through the test piece. The wind temperature includes the inlet air temperature t (°C) and outlet air temperature t air temperature. Since the temperature field does not change much, a single Pt100 thermal resistance meter is used to center it. As the air flow passes through the radiator, the temperature field and the flow field are subject to large disturbances. The application of the universal test system on the automobile radiator test benches evenly places four Pt100 resistance thermometers on the axis to obtain the average wind speed.

Ductile Iron Grooved Coupling:  

1. Type: Coupling, elbow, tee, cross, reducer, cap, mechanical tee, mechanical cross, flange adaptor

2. Material: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536, Grade 65-45

3. Certificates: FM & UL & CE

4. Pressure rate: 1.6MPA &2.5MPA or 300PSI - 750PSI

5. Connect type: Grooved-thread end & grooved end

6. Size: 1"-20"

7. Surface Treatment: Red Painting, Orange Painting, Epoxy or Galvanization.

8. Applications range:

1) Automatic sprinkler system for fire protection on commercial, civil and municipal constructions like water supplying, gas supplying, heat supplying etc

2) Industrial pipeline system on shipping, mine, oil field, textile, powder plant etc

3) Pipeline system on subway station, railway station, airport, seaport, bridge etc.

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