Bending machine industry accelerates industrial change

Bending machine industry accelerates industrial change The bending machine industry from the original hydraulic sheet to hydraulic CNC to the latest electro-hydraulic servo. The challenges of the market have accelerated the reform of the entire press brake industry. The era of new products began with this electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine.

Bending machines and shears, like the shears, have a long history of industrial history. As early as the late Qing Dynasty, Germany has entered the industrial age. The earliest shearing machines and bending machines were sourced from continental Europe, and Germany was the first to develop two machine tools.

Germany's industry has been the world's best so far. The machine tools they manufacture are exported to mainland China. Later, they were emulated by the Chinese. Finally, in the Republic of China, Q11 series mechanical shears and W67Y series four-cylinder folding were manufactured. Bending machine, and the manufacturer is now the Shanghai punching and shearing machine tool factory. This is the first time in China that it has broken through the technology of machine tools and developed its own machine tools, thus entering the era of replacing machinery with machines.

Bending machines have now entered a new era of change. From the past hydraulic presses to the current hydraulic CNC, there have been about 10 years of evolution. However, in this era, when manufacturers want to stop in this market, they are faced with new problems and challenges. The Shanghai punching and shearing machine factory has jointly developed a new electro-hydraulic servo bending machine with the Netherlands in July 2012.

Electro-hydraulic servo system electro-hydraulic servo system is a feedback control system composed of electric signal processing device and hydraulic power mechanism. Electro-hydraulic servo system combines the advantages of both electrical and hydraulic. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, fast response speed, large output power, flexible signal processing, and easy feedback of various parameters. Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, bending accuracy, slider repeat positioning accuracy.

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