China Lubricants open the door for new year customers can not accept the signing contract

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the reception of China Lubricants customers ushered in a climax. Every day customers who come to the company for inspection, communication and signing orders are constantly on the agenda. The idea of ​​“selecting brands on the selected China” is becoming a consensus among many businesses in the industry circle in 2013. .

At the end of the year, it is an important window period for many lubricant distributors to explore new businesses and select new brands and new manufacturers. After a period of observation and investigation of the market, the merchants are very much in favor of the market performance of China Lubricants. They believe that the product quality, market positioning, and business philosophy of “Zhonghua” are all based on the long-term development of the big brand strategy and the brand is solidly established. , Do not play concept cards, do not wipe the sidelines, with the imminent success of the imitation brand in the market, with the help of the new exotic concept speculation brand is different, the development prospects are broad.

Before and after New Year's Day, the company has been continuously receiving visits to distributors for several weeks. Each department has worked hard to do a good job of receiving work, introduced the company's situation, development strategy and 2013 marketing plan in detail, and has been generally recognized by merchants. The contracted dealer for more than half a month The number of sales and contracted sales exceeded that of the last half year. The blank areas of the sales network throughout the country were constantly filled. Some non-blank market merchants failed to sign sales contracts for 2013, but the strategic direction of the “Zhonghua” brand to serve the market and safeguard the interest of the merchants. He said that he hopes to have the opportunity to join the “Chinese” family in the future and that the market development situation is showing a gratifying opening.

Since the launch of China Lubricant in 2012, the visibility of the market has increased rapidly and distribution networks have been established in nearly 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. With the full support of “Zhonghua”, local distributors have successively held "China" brand promotion conferences for second-tier suppliers, allowing them to quickly penetrate into the terminal market. In particular, since the winter, most northern regions have experienced extremely cold weather that has been rare for many years. Chinese lubricants have demonstrated superiority in quality at ultra-low temperatures. Many drivers in the three provinces of East China, Inner Mongolia, North China, and Northwest China have changed their names.” China's products ensure easy cold start, and merchants also regard “Zhonghua” oil products as the overwintering recommendation focus, and the quality reputation has risen.

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