Commercial Vehicles Embrace Internet + Drive to Wonderful Future

Judging from several exhibitions related to commercial vehicles that have been held this year, there has been a trend phenomenon among exhibitors. They have demonstrated to the audience their achievements in Internet applications, and some companies have introduced the use of the Internet to improve service levels. The initiatives, as well as companies that have specifically released the brand of Internet applications. In the era of Internet+, the sustainable development of commercial vehicle companies has been deeply imprinted with the imprint of the Internet. It is more than just an imprint. It should be said that it is an indispensable competitive factor that enhances overall strength.


At the Shanghai Auto Show 2015 commercial vehicle stand, in addition to the show car is still the protagonist, but the live demonstration of the car network system has become a lot of commercial vehicle booth eye-catching highlights. With the help of the auto show, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and SAIC Iveco Hongyan have grandly released the car networking service system. The employees of CNHTC and Foton Motor also introduced the progress of the Internet application to the audience and became the new car release on the auto show. In addition to another big point of view. In this "Internet Plus" era, commercial vehicles have also become the trend of the times.

Policy pusher

Commercial vehicle involvement in the car network is generally later than passenger cars. The commercial vehicle company that launched the car networking system earlier is Hagrid's G-BOS smart operation system, which was released in 2010. One year later, Shaanqi launched the “Tianxingjian” car networking service system as the pioneer in the truck industry. Since then, it has become a trend for truck companies to launch autonomous vehicle networking systems. Truck brands such as China National Heavy Duty Truck, Foton Auman, and joint trucks, such as Smart Link, ifoton, and Unicom, have come out one after another. The vanguard of the truck industry, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and FAW Jiefang also equipped with on-board satellite positioning terminals, but no corresponding brand has yet been introduced. Coupled with the car networking system released by Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and SAIC Iveco Hongyan this year, the “Internet Plus” of the commercial vehicle industry is emerging at unexpectedly high speeds.

From the schedule of the truck companies involved in the car networking, it can be seen that it fits into another set of time nodes.

In July 2012, the State Council’s “Opinions on Strengthening Road Traffic Safety” pointed out that heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailer trucks should be equipped with satellite positioning devices before they leave the factory, and access to the public supervision and service platform for road freight vehicles.

On January 4, 2013, the Ministry of Communications issued the "Circular on Accelerating the Implementation of the "Demonstration System Project for Monitoring and Management of Key Transport Processes"", requiring that all new demonstration provinces (Tianjin, Hebei) be effective from June 1, 2013. , Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, Guizhou, Ningxia and Shaanxi) "Two passengers and one dangerous" vehicle in the transportation market, heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailer trucks, Beidou-compatible vehicle-mounted terminals should be installed before the vehicle leaves the factory, Automobiles and semi-trailer tractors should be connected to the national road freight vehicle supervision and service platform.

On July 1, 2014, the "Measures for the Dynamic Supervision and Management of Road Transport Vehicles" jointly formulated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security, and the State Administration of Work Safety stated that satellite positioning devices were not installed as required, but they were installed but failed to effectively access the monitoring platform. And other acts in violation of these Measures, road transport management agencies will not be issued or verified in accordance with the "measures" "road transport permits."

The "Internet Plus" action plan proposed in the "Government Work Report" issued during the two sessions of the country this year has further promoted the new spark of "Internet + Traditional Manufacturing".

From 2012, truck companies accelerated the advancement of truck networking through the promotion of policies. The above policies are intended to provide dynamic monitoring of vehicles and facilitate management. In the process of implementing policies, enterprises are constantly starting with user needs and excavating a business opportunity.

Service development

The function of vehicle networking in trucks is to rely on real-time running data collected by truck sensors and presented on the Internet platform through wireless transmission. Using these data, the available information includes fuel consumption, vehicle fault diagnosis, and bad driving behavior. With the in-depth data mining, applications such as smart picking and mobile clients appear in the company's next development vision.

To break the third-party operating model, enterprises as the initiator of the storm of the Internet of Telecommunications, and in what way to change the logistics and transportation?

It is understood that the currently visible services provided by the truck networking system include:

Calculate the average fuel consumption of the vehicle through statistics and analysis of engine fuel injection data; collect data on vehicle operations, track the use of accessories and consumables, and excavate the commercial vehicle aftermarket; generate historical data analysis reports through the management platform, and report abnormalities through feedback To avoid possible major accidents; master vehicle operating data, remote troubleshooting, and reduce the use of technical personnel costs. From this perspective, the car networking system is like a "black box" filled with driving data.

Looking at the car networking systems launched by various companies at present, their functions are similar, and users enjoy limited services. According to Tan Dong, a joint truck project manager, the car networking services provided by the company closely match the actual needs of users. Since the users' awareness of the car networking system is uneven, many services provided by the car network have not yet been applied. .

The most widely used services of Shaanxi Auto Skytrain Networking System include vehicle safety management, oil and gas consumption management, driving behavior analysis, remote control, and multiple system tamper, etc. The users involved in logistics companies, car dealers, and slag vehicle supervisors, etc. .

However, this does not mean that the development space for truck networking systems is limited to this. The services behind Big Data are constantly being developed by companies.

Smart distribution is one of them. This is of positive significance for improving the efficiency of logistics and transportation. Shaanxi Automobile, which has pioneered the launch of a car networking service, specifically developed the “wheel rolling” Internet+ platform on the basis of Tianxingjian. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and United Trucks also expressed that they will use smart picking as the focus of next-generation car networking services. Smart picking has higher requirements for the information gathering of the vehicle networking system, and it needs to be established on the basis of sufficient supply and high trust of the vehicle. Integrity is an important factor in ensuring that this function is achieved. Although still in its infancy, Liu Keqiang, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Auto, once used Taobao's example to prove the feasibility of smart picking. The online shopping platform Taobao also faces the integrity test of buyers and sellers at the beginning of its establishment. With the improvement of the platform integrity system and the expansion of platform trading scale, online shopping will eventually develop into a consumption model that goes hand in hand with the traditional shopping model.

User identification

Regarding the potential of the commercial vehicle Internet service market, Fang Hongwei, chairman of the former Shaanxi Automobile Holdings, once cited a set of figures: the production of a heavy truck is about 300,000 yuan, and the expenditure incurred during the life cycle is as high as 5 million yuan. The figures visually show the huge space in the truck service market. Car networking is an important platform for companies to improve services and tap service potential.

Car networking system is a forward-looking development based on users' needs. It is especially aimed at the truck user group. The biggest obstacle to achieving scale at present is user recognition.

Managers with decades of experience in fleet management are more confident in their calculations than data from the virtual space internet. During the Shanghai Auto Show, a logistics fleet manager with more than 20 years of experience had doubts about the services provided by the car networking system. He believes that with years of management experience, he is well aware of the fuel consumption of vehicles, and he believes his intuition more. Enterprises in the process of popularizing the car networking system, such users are not few, the difficulties faced by the popularization of car networking can be imagined.

There is no lack of good news for truck companies promoting car networking services: According to data provided by Shaanxi Zhongqi Tianjian Vehicle Interconnection Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tianhangjian, which is fully operated by Shaanxi Automobile, as of April this year, Tianxingjian Breakthrough 70,000 vehicles. The message conveyed by this figure is that the services of the car networking system are being accepted by more and more users.

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