Electric forklift battery maintenance method

1. Check before charging, whether the forklift battery is intact, the wiring is intact, and open the gas cover.

·Do not open or dial the liquid filling plug on the battery

· Do not add liquid before charging or charging

·No smoking, sparks or open flames near the battery

·The battery cannot be discharged at the same time while charging

· Do not leave metal tools on the battery while charging

·Do not repair the battery while charging

·The electrolyte temperature is lower than 55 °C during charging

2. If it is a new forklift battery, the electrolyte with a specific gravity of 1.26 is cooled to 30 °C and then injected into the battery. The injection amount is 10-20 mm above the protection plate, wait for 6 hours, and the liquid temperature drops below 35 °C. You can start charging. The specific gravity of the electrolyte refers to 30 ° C. At different temperatures, it should be converted according to the following formula: D30 ° C = Dt + 0.007 (t-30 ° C)

3. The temperature of the electrolyte during charging should not exceed 55 °C, otherwise measures such as reducing the charging current, artificially cooling or suspending charging should be taken.

4. When the battery is charged to saturation, the voltage and the specific gravity of the electrolyte do not rise substantially within 2-3 hours, and a large number of bubbles are generated. The specific gravity of the electrolyte reaches 1.26, and the voltage of the single cell reaches 2.4V.

5. When the cell voltage drops to 1.7V, the voltmeter voltage is 41V (driving load), and the electrolysis specific gravity drops to 1.18, it should be charged in time.

6. When the battery is in the final stage of charging, use distilled water or a weak **** with a specific gravity of 1.4 to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte to 1.26 and maintain a sufficient height. The battery charge and charge should be recorded as the voltage electrolyte specific gravity. Recording will aid in battery maintenance and assurance analysis.

7. Keep the battery near fire source and heat source. After charging, cover the gas cap, wipe the external splashing electrolyte, keep the joint clean and dry, and apply Vaseline. Battery flushing must be carried out from outside the vehicle.

8. The battery charging environment must be well ventilated. In particular, it is necessary to force the exhaust air around the car. The battery charging room ventilation equipment must be good, the temperature is not higher than 40 °C, the air circulation can be calculated to avoid the accumulation of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas during battery charging, which can be calculated by the following formula: Q=0.05×I×N (where Q : air flow, I: charging current at the end of charging, N: number of battery cells), should ensure that the air flow in the charging room is greater than the air flow in the calculation formula

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