Facebook launches separate Groups application

Social networking giant Facebook Inc. launched its separate application groups on Tuesday that retain existing Facebook features and can share information with only a small number of contacts. According to the Facebook company’s press release, “The Groups application can establish shared connections with people who care most, such as communicating with colleagues, classmates, or distant friends.” The features of the Groups application are to be members of the user group. Displayed on one screen, there is a notification page that provides updates for all user groups. There is also a found function that can recommend the group of friends that can be followed according to the user's preference.
Unlike Facebook's Messenger application, it is a completely Facebook-independent application. The Groups application is similar to the WhatsApp messaging application that Facebook acquired for $19 billion in October. Groups applications are Facebook's innovative lab-designed applications designed to provide users with more convenient communications. Facebook also recently released a separate application for anonymous chat. iPhone and Android device users can now download the application for free.

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