Falling ball rebound tester selection and precautions

The difference between electric release ball and manual release ball:

A : Manual release: The principle of manually releasing the steel ball is to suck the steel ball through the magnet on the handle, and then to separate the handle and the steel ball through the artificial external force, which will inevitably lead to deviation and rotation of the steel ball in the falling process. Causes the steel ball to come into contact with the wall and deviate from the center after it comes into contact with the specimen, and because each person or the same operator has different strengths for each operation, it will cause errors in the results and affect the success rate of the test.

B : Electric release: The principle of electric release of steel ball is that the steel ball is fixed perpendicular to the electromagnet and fixed at the center of the Plexiglas tube. After the power is turned off, the electromagnet loses its magnetism and then falls freely. After the contact with the sample, it rebounds and greatly improves Test efficiency and data reliability. At the same time, it also satisfies the requirement that the steel ball falling in the standard does not allow rotation and is in the center position.

Both manual readings and automatic readings have advantages:

The precision of the automatic degree is relatively high, but if the test result is wrong due to an operation mistake or due to the unevenness of the sample, it can be compared with the manual reading, which effectively reduces the probability of mistakes, thereby making the test data more rigorous.

Requirements for value of test results for falling ball rebound:

In the standard, the following summary of test results: each test three samples, each sample test results 3, 3 takes a maximum value from the results, and then calculate the average value as the maximum value of three samples The average rebound rate . However, some manufacturers' instruments on the market fail to understand the requirements of the standard for test results, which results in unreliable test result data. At the same time, customers have paid insufficient attention to this item and hope to attract your attention.

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