Growth rate of annual output value of China's fastener industry during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period

In recent years, the rapid development of China's machinery, electricity, vehicles and other industries has led to the expansion of the capacity of the fastener industry, but also to the fastener industry has brought opportunities for development. Recently, the problem with the owners of nearly 20,000 fastener companies was that they were unable to recruit skilled workers, and experienced technical personnel were even more difficult.

“At present, the gap in skilled workers is between 5,000 and 10,000, and the gap for first-line technicians is also around 2,000. The lack of high-quality skilled workers has seriously hampered the development of the industry. We can afford first-rate equipment, but we cannot produce first-rate products. A person in charge of the industry association told reporters.

Nowadays there is a shortage of fasteners. Many companies are left idle because of lack of orders and equipment, but they do not have high-quality production personnel and management personnel. Talents are trained in the actual situation, and no ready-made talents will be waiting for the company to dig. High-quality laborers are one of the power sources for a healthy, stable and sustainable development of the industry. In the past 10 years, with the rise of China’s status as a major country in the world’s manufacturing center, the annual output value of the fastener manufacturing industry has reached 60 billion yuan. Technological progress has promoted the development of the industry, and industry development has driven technological progress. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, The annual growth rate of the fastener industry in China is expected to be no less than 10%.

For the future development of China's fastener industry, experts and recruiters, first, the use of advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, establish a sound quality assurance system, in the case of ability, can use good equipment as much as possible with good equipment. In the long run, good equipment is an important factor for a company to maintain its competitive advantage. The second is to improve the company's production, marketing and management levels, reduce management costs and improve the company's overall competitiveness. The third is to attach importance to the construction of the ranks of the people and introduce high-quality talents, especially the importance of introducing and training international talents, and attaching importance to the re-education and training of the current staff. The fourth is to establish a concept of integrity, establish a good reputation of the enterprise, have a holistic view, and establish a reasonable supply and demand relationship between upstream and downstream. The fifth is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, overview the development of domestic and foreign industries, and improve the forward-looking decision-making of the leadership.

Taiwanese enterprises are characterized by small scale, but have a high degree of specialization and automation. A fastener company only produces several kinds of products, but it can do fine refinement and form a monopoly on product supply. As long as it is these kinds of products, any user manufacturers are supplied by the company. Therefore, it has been claimed that the American model is the direction of our business development; and Taiwanese companies are the benchmark for our company's current learning.

Fasteners do not produce fixed products, but rather provide users with processing and fastening services. The level of technology and technology is important, but more importantly, it is the level of management, because every part of production can create profits. In this aspect of management, we are much behind the foreign enterprises, only equipment and processes, there is no high-quality talent, no management protection, the supply of fasteners in large quantities is impossible to achieve.

Compared with the United States, Japan and other manufacturing powerhouses, China's fastener industry still has a big gap. U.S. companies are characterized by large-scale, automated, and digital production. CNC technology, network technology, and digital control technology are mature. From design to production, all aspects are shared, and production management is highly informatized.

The specific performance is as follows: First, automated production is safer and more reliable, which facilitates the maintenance of the entire bolt and nut production line; second, high safety awareness, and safety gratings are installed on the press; and thirdly, the application of management information system improves the company's management level. And production efficiency, companies have their own management information system, raw materials suppliers supply materials with a bar code; Fourth, although the company's larger scale, but the product line is not many, the product's production volume is very large.

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