Harvesting Park equipped with pesticide residue detector, additional fruit and vegetable security firewall

At present, with the hot tourism projects in rural areas, many urban residents will prefer to experience the pleasure of picking in the picking garden on holidays, and to ensure that the agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues are not out of the base and ensure that consumers eat safe and reliable fruits and vegetables. The picking park has also strengthened the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products. One of the most important measures is to equip pesticide residue detectors to enhance the monitoring of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables to ensure that the fruits and vegetables that consumers pick are safe and healthy green products. .

Pesticide residue detector

The picking garden is a new item in the current rural tourism and it is also a favorite item for everyone. Through picking, not only can the decompression effect be relaxed, but also the family members can participate in it and experience a harvest together. Happy, and in this environment, because agricultural products are in direct contact with people, and are sold directly, and have not been subject to layered market supervision, the picking garden must ensure the safety of picking and the safety of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products, through the detection of pesticide residues. The addition of a fruit and vegetable security firewall is very necessary.

The use of pesticide residue detectors is not limited by people, regions, and fields, and the operation is very simple. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in agricultural production parks such as picking parks for the quality and safety inspection of agricultural products. The adoption of pesticide residue detectors has added new guarantees for improving the quality and safety of agricultural products. It has also provided a safety firewall for the safety of agricultural products in the harvesting garden. This not only can effectively prevent agricultural product safety accidents, but also can Green production improves the quality of agricultural products. Consumers will be more interested in green and healthy agricultural products and green agricultural ecological environment. Therefore, the pesticide residue detector can also improve the competitiveness of the picking garden and promote its rapid development.

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