How to prevent rear-end sprinkler three: Selective follow-up

The anti-recovery of the sprinkler is very knowledgeable in the follow-up car, and there is knowledge in choosing which car to follow. For a novice driver who has just got a driver's license, lacks driving experience, and does not have sufficient skills, the risk of rear-end collision is greater if he follows the wrong car.

If the sprinkler is behind other vehicles, what kinds of cars can't follow?

1. Large vehicles including buses. Many rear-end accidents were caused by the chasing of large carts by small cars. This is because the wide body of the carts obstructs the entire line of sight of the carts. An unexpected situation has occurred in front of them and there is no time to respond.

2. Taxi. What the taxi driver wants is to take a look at the passengers. Any taxi on any road may suddenly stop pulling and make the rear car unprepared.

3 , novice to drive. Due to lack of experience, novices don’t have a trick to drive, they suddenly turn left and right, and they often have a sudden and unexpected brake. When you feel that the trajectory of the preceding vehicle is bizarre and the speed control is unstable, you can basically judge the driver's hand tide.

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