How to reduce problems in the use of high and low temperature chambers

The test box is one of the key industries in the ring test industry. Attention on the use of high and low temperature test boxes is a common problem. Today, Dongguan Kewen Test Equipment Co., Ltd. summarized the three common operating failures in the use of high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration systems for users' feedback. It is for reference only.

1. The compressor does not move

First confirm whether the cooling button on the following board is pressed, then open the distribution box, refer to the electrical schematic diagram and use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the compressor power lines. If there is a resistance (actually the resistance of the compressor) and resistance Values ​​are not much different, you can determine the compressor coil is intact; if the resistance is very different or not at all, there may be a short circuit phenomenon or open coil. At the same time, it is also necessary to measure and clamp the clamp meter to one of the three power lines of the compressor, and set the gear of the clamp meter to the current “500A” position, and set the temperature below the ambient temperature on the controller. The temperature, the machine will run up and observe whether the corresponding contactor of the compressor is sucked. If it is not sucked, it may be a problem of the button. If there is sucking, the value on the current meter will be immediately observed, and whether the current value will gradually decrease. , And down to the rated current of the compressor, if the current is always very large, there may be a lack of oil card cylinder compressor, can not start, need to replace the compressor;

2. Do not cool

First, determine whether the cooling button on the panel is pressed. The ambient temperature of the high and low temperature test chamber should be guaranteed between 5°C and 28°C. Look at the air-cooled condenser due to the long use time and the accumulated dust is too thick. Clean the condensation. Dust on the device can be.

If there is no need to watch the reading of the cooling pressure gauge, the static pressure will generally be more than 6 kg. If it is lower than that, there may be a leakage of refrigerant, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity and the need to overhaul the refrigeration system.

3. Slow down

Determine whether the heat load in the chamber of the high-low temperature chamber is too large or the blower fan does not turn, or the test sample in the chamber is stacked too much (normally does not exceed one-third of the total volume of the chamber), resulting in wind failure Cycle, temperature fluctuations; then check the door is not closed, there is a leak, check whether some solid state relay breakdown (such as heating with 2 solid state relays, there is a breakdown) leads to a part of the heating tube heating This offsets some of the cooling capacity, causing the illusion of slower cooling. If none of the above conditions is true, it is necessary to consider whether the slow cooling of the test chamber can not be reduced to the required temperature point. The refrigerant factor should be considered.


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