How to transfer used cars, how much does it cost?

Recently, many customers are more concerned about how to transfer the used car, how much the fee, etc., Xiaobian on how to give a used car transfer, what costs are needed, two questions will be given to everyone, for everyone to buy second-hand car When used as a reference.

Transfer procedures: sellers need to go to the vehicle management office to clear the violation

Then the seller took the photocopy of the ID card, the car's file, the driving license, the grade certificate, the insurance policy, etc. to go through the formalities. When the card is on the card, the brand will be replaced with a new one. The brand money is about 200 yuan, and there are related documents such as the driving permit. Transfer hall.

The second-hand car transfer fee is charged uniformly by the state. Each local standard is inconsistent and is set by the local government. The transfer fee of second-hand car is about 300 yuan, the transfer fee is at the lowest 900 minimum 150, the transfer relocation 200, the other 100, the cost of a car within 1000


There are two most important points in the used car trading process: vehicle inspection and inspection of vehicle files. Only through the vehicle inspection and inspection of the vehicle, the car can be successfully transferred.

The common conditions for the transfer of used car transactions are:

First, all vehicles that fail to turn in strong insurance cannot transfer their ownership.

Second, the application owner can not act as the original owner of the transfer procedures.

Third, without permission, unauthorized modification, modification and change of cargo weight, the number of occupants.

Fourth, violation of rules and regulations, the case of closure of the case or public security officials have to question the vehicle.

Fifth, did not participate in regular inspection or test failed.

6. The people's court notices that the freezing or the mortgage is not full.

7. Smuggling, customs supervision, and stolen cars cannot be transferred.

VIII. The camp will not be able to reach the period of retirement or will be retired within one year.

9. For used cars that have been moved out or moved in, they cannot be transferred without meeting the local requirements.

In the end, Xiao Bian reminds everyone that for a used car that does not pay a high risk or no annual review, the problem cannot be solved. However, buying a black car that cannot be transferred will lead to endless troubles. Firstly, the right to ownership of the vehicle is not their own, and the money they spend will not be used. Secondly, in the event of an accident and injury to a third party, the compensation must be paid in full, because the insurance cannot be bought.

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