[Huahong] injection valve reversing valve five common faults and troubleshooting

1 Electromagnetically controlled reversing valve, because the coil in the electromagnet is burned out, the thrust spring is deformed, broken, and foreign matter stuck in the slide valve body, which may cause the slide valve core to not move. Therefore, when the reversing valve is obstructed, it is necessary to assemble the washing reversing valve in the complete machine, from which you can find the cause of the obstacle and release it.

2 The pressure of the hydraulic oil is insufficient, making the sliding spool of the reversing valve slow. This can be achieved by increasing the pressure of hydraulic oil.

3 The valve seat inner cavity and valve core of the reversing valve have been worn out due to the long time. The hydraulic oil has revealed a large amount in the valve, causing the spool to move slowly and should be repaired.

4 control valve spool movement rate of the two saving valve conditioning improper, resulting in large resistance of the return oil, but also makes the reversing valve can not be a thing of a deformity, proper conditioning of the two valve to save the flow of hydraulic fluid can be handled.

5 Parts promoted by the cylinder piston, because of the poor smoothness of the sliding guide rails and the unfair installation, make the whole machine with high resistance, which can cause the valve to be deformed. When necessary, it should be assembled. "[Huahong] injection molding machine reversing valve five common faults and troubleshooting methods" compiled by Hua Hong, our main: extruder screw, injection molding machine screw. More content, welcome to click /.

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