Hygienic diaphragm valve introduction

Sanitary diaphragm valve is a special form of cut-off valve. Its opening and closing pieces is a piece of diaphragm made of soft material, the valve cavity and the valve cavity and drive components separated, it said the diaphragm valve. Diaphragm valve features are as follows: the most prominent feature is the diaphragm to the lower part of the valve body cavity and the upper valve cover cavity, so that located above the diaphragm stem, valve and other parts of the medium from corrosion, eliminating the need for packing seal structure, and No media leakage will occur. 1, the use of rubber or plastic, such as the production of the diaphragm seal, sealing better. As the diaphragm is wearing parts, depending on the characteristics of the media and regular replacement. 2, subject to diaphragm material, diaphragm valve for low pressure and temperature is not high occasions. 3, the diaphragm valve can be divided according to the structure of the form: house diaphragm valve, DC diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve cut-off, straight diaphragm valve, gate diaphragm valve and rectangular diaphragm valve; the connection is usually flanged (Quick connection); According to the drive can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic three, of which pneumatic drive is divided into normally open, normally closed and reciprocating three. Sanitary diaphragm valve is the use of the valve stem to squeeze the elastomer film on the seat to cut off the gas circuit. Turn the hand wheel to move the valve stem up and down, so that the diaphragm leaves the valve seat to open the valve or press the diaphragm against the valve seat to close the valve. Such valves such as nitrile rubber diaphragm (silica membrane, EPDM, etc.) for pre-and pre-pumping pipe and the temperature of -25 ~ 80 ℃ non-corrosive gases. Such as the use of fluorine rubber diaphragm, can be used for high vacuum system, the use of temperature range -30 ~ 150 ℃. Search Keyword: More Valve Technical Articles

Silicone Plate

This silicone baby dinner plate is made of food-grade silicone. The product has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, high and low temperature resistance (-40~200 degrees), beautiful color, and soft hand feeling. It is a silicone product that can be seen in many parent-child restaurants or individual families. The silicone dinner plate is generally designed in a compartmentalized form, which can pack rice, vegetables, and soup in one plate. The shape of this children's silicone dinner plate is also quite rich, and the common ones include smiley silicone dinner plates, animal shapes, cartoon characters and other shapes.

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