Limited 75 Ford FPV push Pursuit Ute pickups

A few days ago, Ford high-performance conversion plant FPV launched a limited edition pickup truck named PursuitUte. The car is based on the Cobraute model that was introduced before the FPV. It is reported that the car is limited to 75 units.

In terms of appearance, PursuitUte was modeled on the Cobraute model previously introduced by FPV. The vehicle was painted in black, and matched with red on the front grille, front air inlet, double door, rear mirror, and rim. As a decoration, the appearance of the vehicle is extremely eye-catching. In the interior, the interior uses high-grade leather seats, and the in-car audio system has been upgraded.

Power, this PursuitUte limited edition pickup is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine, the maximum power of 427 horsepower, peak torque can reach 545N · m, matching with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Editor's note: FPV's Cobraute launch is extremely "stylish" in terms of styling. We can even call it a pickup version of the sedan version. It is believed that under the unique US cultural background, the launch of the car will be targeted. The crowd's favor.

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