Many villagers in Hainan's false party members have jointly questioned and demanded thorough investigations

Many villagers in Hainan's false party member Ren Cunzhi jointly questioned and demanded thorough investigation of diesel generators | Diesel generator prices / 2012-05-28

“It is understood that Chen Shide, secretary of the new village party branch of our village is not a member of the party. How can a secretary be made?” A number of villagers from Wencheng Wencun Village, Lingao County, came to Haikou recently and reported to this reporter. In this regard, the reporter immediately reflected the situation to the town, the town organized an investigation team to conduct a multi-inspection and confirmed that the identity of Chen Shide, party secretary of the new branch office of Wencun Village, was false. Today, the responsible person in the town told reporters that Chen Shide’s secretary had been removed.
Recently, the villagers of Lincheng Township wrote to the reporter that although Chen Shide was born in Culling Village, he often went back to the village because he had been away from the village for many years. He did not understand the situation in the village. When he learned that he was not a party member, the village had hundreds of villagers. The joint signature was hand-printed and collectively asked to thoroughly investigate the matter and to show the reporter the joint signature of two villagers with fingerprints.
Afterwards, after the reporter reported the situation to the town, it caused Linjiang County township committee and township government to attach great importance to this matter and reported the matter to the county organization department. The county organization department immediately organized the investigation team to travel. Verify. Today, Cheng Chengqing, the township committee member, told reporters that after verification, Chen Shide had forged his status as a party member and the town made a decision to revoke his post as secretary.
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