Mercedes-Benz continues to promote the process of localization

Last week, Daimler AG and Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BAIC Group) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to further deepen bilateral cooperation in China. The two parties will invest another 2 billion Euros in Beijing Benz to put into production GLK off-road vehicles and three other Mercedes-Benz compact-class vehicles, and increase the production capacity of the C-Class sedan and the long-wheelbase E-Class.

According to the agreement, Mercedes-Benz will further expand the local production of passenger cars in China, in addition to domestically produced mid-size luxury off-road vehicles GLK in 2011, it will also include domestic plans for the other three new Mercedes-Benz compact luxury models. The gradual implementation began in 2013; according to market demand, the current annual production capacity of the C-Class sedan and long-wheelbase E-Class sedan will reach 80,000.

In addition, the new engine plant will begin manufacturing 4-cylinder gasoline engines in 2013 for the local production of Mercedes-Benz cars and light vehicles. The engine plant's maximum annual design capacity will reach 250,000 units. After that, the production capacity can be further increased according to the demand for sales growth; both parties will set up a new R&D center, which will mainly be responsible for the testing and matching of vehicles, and will also work together with suppliers to carry out R&D work.

Cai Che, president of the Mercedes-Benz Group, said: “Any of the five compact luxury cars sold in the world by the year 2020, one will be in China. This huge growth potential has made us more We will unswervingly promote the localization of compact vehicles in China.”

Mercedes-Benz mid-size luxury off-road vehicle GLK will be made this year

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