Methanol Industry Accelerates Downstream Development

Drying equipment China's total methanol production capacity has exceeded 50 million tons. At the 2013 China Methanol Industry Conference held in Hefei on April 10, the industry reached a consensus that in the face of excess production capacity, the pressure of resolving mainly depends on the application development of the downstream market.

According to the latest data released by the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, China's total methanol production capacity reached 51.491 million tons by the end of 2012, accounting for about 50% of the world's total production capacity; the industry's methanol plant start-up load increased by 4.3 percentage points over the previous year, but still only 60.8. %; production was 31.29 million tons and apparent consumption was 36.22 million tons. In 2013, the operating rate is expected to be around 62%.

Li Shousheng, chairman of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, pointed out that although the methanol industry's operating rate has increased, but the fact of overcapacity can not be ignored, and the methanol industry pressure must be resolved, we must increase market development efforts. There is still a lot of work to be done in the research and development of the methanol application market in China, and the market research of applied technology should become the important strategic direction for the development of the methanol industry in the future and the work point for the development of science and technology. The emerging applications of methanol, aromatics, methanol, methanol fuel cells and other emerging technologies in fluidized beds in recent years must be accelerated in research, evaluation, and improvement.

At the same time, Li Shousheng proposed to further improve the domestic advanced coal gasification and coal-based polygeneration technologies, high-efficiency low-pressure methanol synthesis and large-scale complete sets of technologies, promote the localization process of high-efficiency compressors, and develop efficient and clean comprehensive utilization of lignite, in accordance with the requirements of methanol raw material structure adjustment. Technology; Focus on advancing technological innovations such as gas purification and catalysts, and promote the localization of large-scale methanol plants above million tons.

The reporter learned that many domestic coal chemical companies have been making continuous efforts in building the methanol downstream industry. For example, Shanghai Huayi extended the existing methanol-to-acetic acid and ester, formaldehyde, polyformaldehyde and other major products to the downstream of the product chain, and invested in the construction of an Anhui non-ferrous coal-based polygeneration green chemical demonstration base; Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Group Co., Ltd. The company is building a new coal gasification platform. After the second quarter of this year, it will add 1.2 million tons of ammonia and 400,000 tons of acetic acid production capacity.

It is understood that there is a new development in China's methanol downstream market application. The methanol fuel market is piloted in an orderly manner. At present, it is engaged in the production, research, development and application of alcohol ether fuels, automobiles, and related products. It has distributed 24 provinces throughout the country. In terms of new applications, breakthroughs have been achieved in toluene-methanol-to-p-xylene co-production of light olefins, fluidized-bed methanol to aromatics industrial technology, and methanol-to-ethanol technology, opening up a new downstream product line with methanol as raw material.

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