New Problems Faced by Boiler Test in Xinjiang Power Station

Under the new situation of the rapidly developing thermal power generation project in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Power Station Boiler (hereinafter referred to as boiler) test is facing new challenges. How to carry out inspection business normally and with quality and quantity is a new issue to be considered now and in the future. In other words, with the rapid development of thermal power units and the corresponding number of boilers is also rapidly increasing. At present, the contradictions between fewer and fewer people have gradually emerged. If there is not enough technical force to support the inspection work, the safety and operation of the boiler will be affected. Around this issue, the author put forward the following opinions, so that peers can discuss together.

Development status

With the care and support of the state and with the selfless help of the provinces and municipalities of the AARiangjiang Province, at present, there are projects under construction in the north and south of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, of which thermal power generation projects are particularly prominent. These projects are not like the past small and medium-sized power plants in Xinjiang, but large units, high-parameter projects, such as 330,000 kilowatts and 350,000 kilowatts generating units based large power plants. In the past, there were only several large thermal power plants in Manas Power Plant and Hongyanchi Power Plant in Xinjiang, and more than 10 large-scale power plants have now been put into operation starting from 330,000 kilowatts. In 2011, the National Energy Administration agreed to Xinjiang's 10 thermal power projects to speed up the preparatory work for "sending out the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region," so as to start the construction as soon as possible, in view of many factors such as the short construction period and the difficult construction in Xinjiang. The 10 thermal power projects are Huaru Xishan (2 × 350MW), Huaneng Fuhai (2 × 350MW), State Power Karamay (2 × 350MW), Guodian Korla (2 × 350MW), Huaneng Shuntai (2 × 350MW), Shenhua Zhudong East Wucaiwan (2 × 350MW), State Power Bachu (2 × 350MW), Alar Shanghai Xinyu Thermal Power Expansion (2 × 350MW), Altay North Tuen (2 × 135 MW) and TBEA Xinjiang Silicon Photovoltaic Industrial Circular Economy Construction Project Supporting Power Plant (2 × 350MW) and so on. 2012 Xinjiang key power construction projects more and more exciting.

According to Xinjiang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission statistics, the current installed capacity of thermal power in Xinjiang has more than 20 million kilowatts, by 2015 will exceed 60 million kilowatts mark. Visible, in the future need to test more than 100 large boilers, plus small and medium-sized power plants (including self-owned power plant) boiler about 500 or so. Compared with the small and medium-sized units, the large-scale thermal power units have the advantages of low coal consumption, less pollution, high automation and control, etc. It is easy to see from the development trend that the development along the large units is the inevitable route. It is understood that since 2009, the country has approved the construction of thermal power projects in Xinjiang has reached 35.

There is a problem

1. Boiler inspection requirements, inspection tasks are heavy. Here, what we mean by a power station boiler is a steam boiler with a pressure higher than or equal to 3.82MPa for power generation or heat and power cogeneration. The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, modification and use of the boiler must be statutory tested by the inspection and test institution approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Supervision from the design to the whole process until it is scrapped. In addition to the installation and repair of the boiler inspection, but also need to conduct regular inspections, that is, an annual external inspection, bi-annual internal inspection and six-year hydrostatic test. In order to ensure the safety of boilers, the economic operation need to do a lot of inspection work, and very hard, which requires some technical force to complete. Visible, such as special equipment such as boilers not only high inspection requirements, but also need to have enough inspectors to carry out inspection in order to complete the inspection project. The safe operation of the boiler is directly related to the whole production of the power plant. It is not only a power plant but also an economic lever. It has an irreplaceable central position compared with other equipment, especially for large power plant boilers.

2. Inspection teams need to be strengthened. At present, most large-scale power plants are under construction and only a few are in operation. That is to say, we are busy supervising and inspecting the installation process. When these power plants are put into operation, they will face regular inspection during use Hereinafter referred to as the fixed-seizure), while the inspection and installation of monitoring comparison, with the requirements of the inspection and detection of more people, longer inspection cycles, heavy workload and so on.

In Xinjiang, only I Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute with high-pressure boiler inspection qualification is the only inspection unit in the region, in order to strengthen the power station boiler safety inspection in our district in 2009 to set up power station boiler inspection center, the development of inspection teams , But the pace of development is relatively slow, fewer people are still more difficult problems, the introduction of technical forces more slowly. If not resolved in time, there will be more serious inspection teams in the coming years that can not meet the requirements of inspection work.


The core of the scientific concept of development is "adhering to people-oriented principle, establishing a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept and promoting economic, social and people's all-round development." People's problems can not be resolved in time, and the problems that the inspection work can not keep up with and lag behind appear to arise. In response to the above problems, I propose the following solutions:

1. Rapidly equipped and trained personnel. Personnel required for power plant boiler inspection must be qualified as examiners, it is best to have a number of people holding a number of test certificates; such as an inspector in addition to the examiner, you have to hold non-destructive testing, metallographic examination, spectrum inspection and other certificates For the best. Therefore, we must first step up the training of evidence collection on the basis of the existing personnel to break the backward employment mechanism and introduce the employment system so as to solve the problem of manpower as soon as possible for the inspection of large power station boilers. The development of the road. Just do not do it, waiting depends on does not work. According to the basic requirements of the scientific concept of development is to rely on the development, people-oriented, comprehensive and coordinated development of the guidelines for a serious analysis of Xinjiang Power Station boiler inspection business is facing new problems and new situations, combined with the actual situation in Xinjiang and create a fast and effective development. Such as: managers, especially higher authorities in the introduction of talent policy should be more inclined to test technical institutions, or to give inspection agencies more flexible employment autonomy.

2. Only for the success of ways, can not find a reason for failure. According to the actual situation in our region, we should carry out friendly cooperation with inspection agencies of various specialties and prefectures (hereinafter referred to as special inspection agencies) to make full use of the technical strength of local inspection departments to share technical resources as soon as possible. In this way, we can carry out joint inspection to alleviate the contradiction between the few problems. As we all know, Xinjiang is the largest province in China. The distribution of power plants is also relatively scattered. The distance from Urumqi is more than a thousand miles and the proximity is also around a hundred miles. The required inspection time is also a serious problem now and in the future. In this regard, we should learn from the experience of the boiler department of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute"); the Chinese Academy of Special Effects (NTSF) tests the supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers across the country mainly for joint inspection with inspection agencies in various provinces and autonomous regions The form of overcoming the problem of fewer people less furnace to ensure the normal operation of large-scale power station boiler inspection business around. At present, nearly all of the 15 prefectures, prefectures and cities in Xinjiang (including Urumqi, Shihezi and Karamay) have large-scale thermal power projects, of which the supercritical thermal power project is jointly examined with the Chinese Specialization Institute and the ultra-high pressure and subcritical boilers are all In addition, most of Xinjiang's middle and high-pressure furnaces are mainly under the charge of our institute for inspection. Only a few of the state inspection agencies have intermediate and high-pressure boiler inspection qualifications. This shows that the test task in our area is very heavy. Joint inspection methods should be used to solve the pressing problems at present but it can not solve the fundamental problems. Therefore, all local and state special inspection agencies need to further strengthen their own inspection capabilities on the basis of the existing ones and should work hard to obtain qualified inspection certificates of boilers above the high pressure. Only in the development and settlement of new and emerging problems are we Do not

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