Powder whiteness measuring instrument intelligent whiteness measuring instrument

The whiteness of starch and wheat flour is an important indicator of its quality. The processing precision of flour is closely related to its ash content. In order to determine the degree of whiteness of starch and wheat flour, it can be measured using a smart whiteness measuring instrument. In general, the higher the precision of flour processing, the higher the whiteness and the lower the ash content. In the trade market, people attach great importance to the whiteness of flour, and believe that the higher the whiteness, the better the flour quality. The traditional intelligent whiteness measuring instrument is more complex, inaccurate, and cannot be measured online. At present, an instrument for continuously measuring and recording the whiteness of flour on a production line has been developed.

Under certain conditions, there is a more precise relationship between the whiteness value of flour and the quality of flour. Therefore, it can also be used instead of powdering board to test the quality of flour. For example, the present results tested with sensory identification method assume that the higher the flour color of flour, the smaller the amount of drum star, the greater the whiteness value, and vice versa. The smaller the ash content of the flour tested, the higher the whiteness value, and vice versa. This rule can be seen by the adulteration test (ie, mixing different proportions of black powder in the flour) and the whiteness of different ash flours.

Through the measurement of the smart whiteness tester, the whiteness values ​​of flours made from wheat of different qualities were found to be different. The overall performance is: if the soft and hard quality of wheat is close, the whiteness of flour produced from white wheat is used. The value is higher than the whiteness value of the powder made from red wheat. In wheat with similar numbers of red and white wheat, the powder made of soft wheat has a higher whiteness value than that of hard wheat.

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