Pressure transmitter high-end road is long and long-term

Transmitter technology is one of the most important technologies for modern measurement and automation systems. From the development of the universe to the exploration of the seabed, from the process control of production to the modern civilized life, almost every technology is inseparable from the transmitter. Therefore, many countries The development of transmitter technology attaches great importance, for example, Japan has listed transmitter technology as one of the six core technologies (computers, communications, lasers, semiconductors, superconductors, and transmitters). In all types of transmitters, pressure transmitters have the advantages of small size, light weight, high sensitivity, stability and reliability, low cost, and easy integration. They can be widely used in pressure, height, acceleration, liquid flow rate, flow rate, liquid Position, pressure measurement and control.

However, the current pressure transmitter technology in China is lagging behind that of foreign countries, and high-end pressure transmitters still have to be imported. There is still a long way to go for high-end pressure transmitters.

China's domestic instrument manufacturers OEM for foreign manufacturers pressure transmitter

Some foreign manufacturers, in addition to importing a small amount of new instrument products to meet the high-end demands of the Chinese market, have been entrusted with OEM production by Chinese domestic manufacturers because of their consideration of operating channels and production costs. Foreign manufacturers provide sensors, and other parts are commissioned by local Chinese manufacturers for processing.

Chinese instrument manufacturers use pressure sensors of foreign manufacturers in high-end pressure transmitter products

As the pressure transmitter's high-end pressure sensor technology is still in the hands of foreign manufacturers, pressure sensors used by Chinese domestic instrument manufacturers in high-end market pressure transmitters are from foreign manufacturers.

China's small and medium-sized pressure transmitter manufacturers use pressure sensors provided by mainstream Chinese manufacturers

This situation is more common in the pressure transmitter market. Pressure sensor technology is the core technology of pressure transmitters and is only known to a few manufacturers. High-end technologies are monopolized by foreign companies. At present, a few Chinese mainstream pressure transmitter manufacturers can produce sensor products based on the 1151 technology. Therefore, most small and medium-sized pressure transmitter manufacturers need to purchase pressure sensor products through these core technology vendors (mainly Chinese manufacturers) to assemble pressure transmitters.

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