Problems Exposed in the Production of Fire Trucks in China

1.1 Conservative business philosophy, lack of industrial characteristics

China's fire engine production has always been a common chassis plus fire protection tops, because the car modification factory only produces tops, and the chassis manufacturer will not change the existing chassis production line due to the few fire truck needs. There are several fixed types of fire truck chassis that lead to firefighting forces, and there are many phenomena such as "small horse-drawn carts" that do not match. The main reason for this is that fire truck manufacturers are not willing to take risks in their minds and are satisfied that they can produce the "roadside goods" currently on the market, and they dare not to seek new differences. This situation can continue under the premise of a serious shortage of fire engines in our country. However, from the point of view of social development, this kind of product with no characteristics will certainly lose its position in the market competition.

1.2 lack of development impetus, lack of professionals

Technology is the primary productive force. To develop an industry, it must rely on high, refined, and sharp technology. The demand for talent is the first. Domestic fire truck manufacturers should have three kinds of professional talents. The first is research and development personnel, that is, they can design and research talents for special fire engines according to the actual fire fighting needs; the second is production management talents, that is, according to the designers’ intentions. Organize workers to complete the production of quality and quantity of qualified personnel; the third is the sales of talent, that is able to combine the actual situation of China's fire, timely understanding of the needs of the fire department, the product will be successfully brought to market professional talents. At present, domestic fire truck manufacturers are in urgent need of the first kind of talents. Due to the short production history of domestic fire engines and the small scale of the industry, they have not yet formed a real talent team, especially those who know both fire protection and professional services. Professional R&D talent is even rarer in the domestic fire protection industry. This is also the main reason for the lack of a source of business development and the inability of technological innovation.

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