Qingdao: 800 school buses invested during the year

On May 28th, 2012, Liu Yongkang, the general manager of Qingdao Jiaoyun Group, visited the “Livelihood of People Online” to communicate online with netizens around the theme of “Performing Responsibility, Serving People's Livelihood, and Creating Comprehensive Transportation Leading Enterprises”. In the online chat, he revealed that this year the SBC Group will add 800 school buses in the seven districts and five cities to solve the problems of children in rural areas, rural areas and rural areas.

Big Nose School Bus Adds 800 New Solutions to Suburban Children

“Excuse me, Manager Liu, how much can the school bus with a big nose increase this year? The child goes to school in the middle of the 37th and lives in Li Village. Can you get on the school bus?” At the beginning of the Internet chat, the school bus became a hot topic for netizens. General Manager Liu Yongkang replied, thank you for your interest in the development of a warm school bus. As a practical fact of the top ten “municipal offices” in Qingdao in 2012, the shipping group will add 800 school buses in the city's seven districts and five cities in 2012. According to this year's plan, school buses mainly solve the problems of children in rural areas, rural areas, and rural areas. School buses in the urban areas We will actively coordinate with the municipal and district education and sports bureaus and schools in various districts to strive for the early opening of the transport problems for your mentioned children attending school to take delivery of warm school buses.

Some netizens have asked why the school bus only serves or focuses on serving the northern and southern parts of Qingdao. Doesn't the children of Sifang need safety?

Liu Yongkang said that in accordance with the planning of the municipal government, the key areas opened and operated this year are the suburban school buses, rural school buses, and mountain school buses. With the passage of time and the formation of the grand environment, we will open up in batches in accordance with the plan, as soon as possible to enable children in Sifang District to ride a warm and comfortable school bus. Thank you for your concern!

At the same time, Liu Yongkang revealed that the delivery of warm school buses has been implemented in 9 schools in Chengyang 9, 10, 15, 17, Tiejiashan Primary School, Yuntouyu Primary School, Huayin Primary School, Fujiabang Primary School, and Guzhen Primary School. 56 routes have been opened and are currently in trial operation. It is planned that the school bus will be opened in the first half of next year on the island of Red Island.

Opened Qingdao to Jinan's First Electric Passenger Line in the Year

Some netizens asked that with the progress of the society, citizens are paying more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. The BCC is a large-scale regional transportation company. Now some buses have been powered by electricity, and some taxis have adopted With regard to oil and gas hybrids, does Liu have such plans and plans for long-distance passenger cars?


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