Roots Vacuum Pump

  • Model NO.: ZJP-300B
  • Structure: Reciprocating Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Degree: High Vacuum
  • Working Conditions: Dry
  • Transport Package: Neutral Wood Case
  • Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Oil or Not: Oil
  • Exhauster Method: Entrapment Vacuum Pump
  • Work Function: Mainsuction Pump
  • Trademark: JLZK
  • Specification: 150L/S-1200L/S
Applications & Features:
1.Low noise.
2.ZJP Overflow valve for preventing thermal overloading.
3.High pumping speed in the wide pressure rang.
4.Gas protection device for evacuating high-boiling working media.
5.Checking is convenient.
6.Insensitive to the dust and water vapour contained.
7.Low drive power.
8.They find wide application in the fields of metallurg, chemical, textile and electronics industries.
Technology parameters
Mode ZJP-30 ZJP-70 ZJP-150 ZJP-300 ZJP-600 ZJP-1200A ZJP-2500
Ultimate pressure(pa) Pa 5X10-2 5X10-2 5X10-2 5X10-2 5X10-2 5X10-2 5X10-2
Torr 307X10-4 307X10-4 307X10-4 307X10-4 307X10-4 307X10-4 307X10-4
Pumping Speed (L/s) 30 70 150 300 600 1200 2500
Diff.permissable at overflow Value pa 4X103 4X103 4X103 4X103 2.7X103 2.7X103 2.7X103
Torr 30 30 30 30 20 20 20
Inlet/Outlet Diam(mm) 50/40 80/50 100/100 150/150 200/200 250/200 320/320
Motor Power(kw) 0.75 1.1 2.2 4 7.5 11 22
Recommended Backing Pump 2X-8D 2X-15A 2X-15A
2X-70C ZJP-300/2X-70C ZJP600/H-150

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