Second-after-two second-hand dump truck purchase notes

When purchasing second-hand and second-hand dump trucks, we must be cautious. After doing a good job of preparations in many aspects, we must also rationally deal with procurement issues. The second-hand and second-hand used dump trucks have great advantages in terms of price. This is a good way to purchase for those who are in a tight economic situation. However, the problem that needs to be considered is that because the first two and eight dump trucks have a long inventory, they still have some impact on performance. In order to better protect the quality of used cars, what needs to be noted when purchasing?


1. When buying a second-hand or second-hand dump truck, be sure to ask about the configuration of the dump truck. Do not blindly buy the wrong truck. It is best to use a second-hand car dealer to list the used second- and second-hand dump trucks that you have purchased, and to sign and stamp them. If there are any discrepancies found and problems arise, there are also facts.

2. The useful life of the first two or eight dump trucks corresponds to the number of driving miles. If the driving mileage is less, it means that the vehicle status is still good. However, it is worth noting that some dealers will adjust the odometer number in order to allow the vehicle to sell at a higher price, so the vehicle inspection process is extremely important. Spending a large sum of money to update the tires of the used second- and second-tier dump trucks is also estimated to be impossible. Therefore, when buying a used car, the overall condition of the vehicle can be well judged from the degree of wear of the tire and the odometer.


3. The performance of the first two and eight dump trucks is closely related to the engine. To judge the quality of the used dump trucks, it is also necessary to confirm the use of the engines. When the dump truck is in good condition, the engine is relatively easy to start, and the engine is relatively stable at idle, and there is no irregular vibration, spark plug, oil pan, cylinder pad, etc., and there is no leakage or oil leakage. Water leakage and the like occur. If the discharged exhaust gas is blue, it proves that the pistons of the used second- and second-stage dump trucks are seriously worn. If the discharged exhaust gas is black, it proves that the components of the high-voltage circuit, the combustion system, the chemical oil circuit and so on are malfunction.

4. When checking the condition of the body of the second- and second-second dump truck used, it must be observed with patience to check the rust condition of the lower edge of the dump truck door and the fender. Under normal circumstances, these parts will begin to corrode when the vehicle is used for more than four years. If the corrosion is more serious, it proves that the longer the service life of the vehicle is.


5, the relevant procedures for used dump trucks must be complete, to ensure that the vehicle is a legitimate source procedures, and did not leave the bank's pledged loans and court records, there is no accident records and violation records not yet processed. Can provide the original owner ID card.

6, because the second-hand before the second and eighth dump trucks and manufacturers sell new car warranty is a different treatment, it is necessary before the purchase of vehicles, you need to use a used car dealer and a reasonable warranty agreement, the most The good thing is that the paper documents are signed and stamped instead of verbal guarantees. Only after the second and last eight dump trucks have experienced some failures in the later period can they be maximally protected.

In some plants, the capacity of Slurry Pump is calculated based on the maximum demand of the process; which occurs only part of time. The excess capacity is usually controlled through a control valve; as a result, a lot of energy is wasted. In order to better meet the requirements of process capability or pressure, the flow control methods of throttling, by-pass control, speed control, impeller trimming and Variable Speed Drives (VFDs) are developed. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are by far the most popular and effective type of adjusting the pump speed. Practice tells us that it is possible for VFDs to save 20-30% of the energy efficiency of the pumping system.

Product features:

1. Saving energy

The VFD controls the motor and automatically adjusts the motor load to make the motor run in an economical running state to achieve the effect of power saving.

2. Lower operating cost

The VFD can greatly reduce the energy cost of the motor, reduce the impact on the equipment after the frequency conversion start, and reduce the maintenance and repairing capacity, so the operation cost will be greatly reduced.

3. Improve pressure control accuracy

The VFD has accurate pressure control ability, which effectively improves the quality of system working condition.

4. Extend the service life of the motor

From the 0Hz starting motor, the starting acceleration time of the VFD can be adjusted to reduce the impact on the electrical and mechanical components of the motor when starting, so as to enhance the reliability of the system and prolong the service life of the motor. In addition, the VFD can effectively reduce the peak value of starting current to a minimum, and can reduce the impact on the grid and other electrical equipment.

5. Reduce the noise of the motor

According to the working condition of the motor, the motor running speed is slowed down obviously after the VFD is installed, so the noise of the motor running is effectively reduced.

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