Secret recruitment recruitment examination unspoken rules: 150 yuan medical examination fees only 45 yuan hospital

Secret recruitment recruitment examination unspoken rules: 150 yuan medical fees hospital only 45 diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-29

As a job seeker, I went to work for Human Resources and found many puzzling things. Why do job seekers request medical examinations, and why do they “bundle” the job search and pay medical examination fees, and are they profitable? "Uncovering the hidden rules of the recruitment of medical examination" series reported yesterday
After seeing the report, it has aroused great concern from the society. In response to many questions in it, the unannounced visits to the reporters and Xia Xia went deeper again to “recruit people”, related hospitals and enterprises, and started investigations. In the end, they peeled off the “hidden rules for hiring”. "The real inside story, where the interweaving of interest chains is surprising.
[Unannounced visits]
Recruit a 50 yuan
The staff of “Careman”, Jing Jing, told reporters that as long as the recruited person succeeds in the physical examination, he will be able to get a commission of 50 yuan for the general worker, 50 yuan for the clerk, and 4 for the driver to get 60 yuan.
“In fact, it is fraudulent examination fees.” Jing Jing occasionally feels that her work is unethical, the quality of the post is not guaranteed, and the commitment and reality are not uniform. Most people will not leave for a few days.
Jing Jing did more than 20 days and was promoted to the head of another office. He can extract the performance of all the clerks. Manager Chen told unannounced interviews with reporter Xia Xia that he was also a clerk from the ground up. “My high record is to recruit 15 people a day to do a physical examination.”
After the medical examination, I paid 100 yuan
Another director of “Human Workforce” said that the company has a dedicated marketing department that is responsible for communicating with the recruitment factories. Most of Hefei’s factories are corporate customers. Manager Chen also said that job seekers can be introduced to work in Suzhou and other places.
Xiao Mei did get job opportunities from here. "Hey manpower" said that she could introduce the work that meets her requirements. After the medical examination, "the manpower" asked her to pay another 100 yuan before giving the job. After she handed in the money as required, she was given a report card to let her go to work in an industrial park. However, the industrial park asked her to go to work on the night shift, which was different from what the company promised to be "only on the white class." Xiaomei had to give up. Xiaomei said: "A lot of people are forced to leave this way."
Participating in the opening company to pay the money
In addition to the head office, “Human Workforce” has also set up 5 additional offices as branch offices. The branch company only has the right to recruit and open physical examinations and does not have the right to work. Every day after work, the head of the branch office will go to the head office to reconcile the medical examination fee of the day to the head office.
A director of the office of Hu introduced that he was originally a clerk at the headquarters. After a period of time, he used the form of joining to open a branch company, and his income was equal to half of the head office.
Unannounced visits to reporters on the grounds that his brother would like to join, consultation related to joining, Zhang said the medical examination fee is one of the company's revenue, but he said the opening branch is not called "join", is "shares", to pay the money will be revealed Other cases. However, he stressed that there is no risk involved in the participation of shares, divided into the proportion of shares, if the branch quit or self-reliance, the shares of the money will be refunded.
[Reporter's Investigation]
Hospital: Only a medical check-up fee of 45 yuan
As a human resource company, the reporter consulted two hospitals designated by the “Human Labor Force” for physical examination. Director Chen of the A Hospital Medical Examination Center confirmed that the “Human Workforce” began a large-scale medical examination at the hospital since last year, and Take an account and take the medical report. The medical check-out package selected by “Careman” is a cheap package that costs 45 yuan per person. The hospital only collects package fees.
Director Wu of B Hospital introduced that the medical check-out package for “choosing manpower” is 80 yuan per person, with an account for every 10 days, including material fees. "The other fees they received are not clear to us." Director Wu also said that the medical check-up fee of 80 yuan per person will give half the rebate for "manpower".
Enterprise: No cooperation with "焱焱"
When recruiting, the “people-powered” executives love to talk about two companies: recruiting general workers for a well-known household electrical appliance company in China and recruiting drivers and merchandisers for another logistics company.
The reporters respectively called the two companies, and Mr. Ke, the person in charge of the recruitment of home appliance companies, introduced that at present, the company does not employ any third-party companies to recruit. Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the logistics company, also said that “manpower” is playing its banner. “People often call and ask me if I'm recruiting through 'human power'. Mr. Wang said that he had posted the company’s recruitment information online. “Humanpower” copied this information, published it everywhere, and gave it to them. Bring troubles.
The human resources department staff of a refrigeration company confirmed that the company did cooperate with “manpower,” but never commissioned them to perform medical examinations.
[frontal confrontation]
Medical examination fees are voluntary, and some factories are designated for physical examination hospitals
With regard to the insider's unannounced visits to reporters, how does "How do people" respond? On May 25, unannounced visits to reporters' wheat came to the headquarters of the company near Yuanyi Times Square. A manager named Chen introduced that the responsible person was not there.
On May 26th, the reporter contacted Zhang Fei, manager of Handan Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. He introduced that the company has cooperation with many companies. As long as the money is paid, it will surely introduce the work. Is it necessary to pay a medical examination fee before introducing job seekers? He immediately denied that "the medical examination fees are voluntarily submitted, there is no reason to receive him 150 yuan before introducing them to work." He also explained, "Some plants do not specify the hospital is still relatively good, and some plants designated physical examination hospital, that Is an overlord clause."
Did not cooperate with a well-known home appliance company
Is a well-known home appliance company in the country really cooperating with "manpower?" Zhang Fei said at the beginning that the company did cooperate with them. The reporter immediately told him that he had already sought confirmation from the company. The company stated that it had never had any cooperation with the “Human Workforce.” At this time, Zhang Fei immediately renamed: “Actually, the company’s previous recruitment was through an intermediary or outsourcing and it has now passed. These mediations have also been added.” Zhang Fei also claimed that although the “Human Workforce” did not cooperate with the company, if the candidates proposed to enter the company, they could arrange their entry through internal relations.
Receive 150 medical examination fee is not high in the industry
The 45 yuan package provided by the hospital, Zhang Fei was a little excited, "There are still lower, 20, 30 yuan are." Zhang Fei also plausibly said, "We charge 150 yuan in the industry is not high Yes, you can go and find out.” He also explained that once the 150 yuan is collected, a receipt will be issued for job seekers and a ticket will be issued. In addition, the medical examination fee will be refunded only if the employee is required to work for 3 months. However, an unannounced visit to the reporter Xia Xia found that almost no one had contact with the staff and he had already started to work for more than one month.
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