Soil moisture monitoring system enables fixed-point soil monitoring

Soil moisture refers to the amount of water contained in the soil. Soil moisture is the direct source of crop water and the main source. Soil moisture can be divided into several types: hygroscopic water, membrane water, capillary water, and gravity water. Different waters have different degrees of crop absorption.
Because of the significant role of soil water in agriculture, the measurement of soil moisture has also become the focus of discussion. There are many ways to measure soil moisture. According to incomplete statistics, there are drying method, water tension meter method, neutron method and time domain reflectometer method. There are also some methods that are not commonly used, such as resistance methods, gamma ray methods, and so on. With the progress of society, people are increasingly demanding the speed and accuracy of moisture measurement. Soil moisture monitoring system was born.
Soil moisture monitoring system is based on the market demand of Zhejiang Tops, and developed in conjunction with China's national conditions. Soil moisture monitoring system is also called multi-point soil moisture monitoring system or fixed-point public opinion monitoring system. It is an instrument that can perform long-term regular monitoring and recording of various types of soil. Soil moisture monitoring systems have been developed in various models, of which the TZS-5X soil moisture monitoring system can not only measure soil moisture, but also measure soil temperature, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity and dew point at the same time. It is a multi-parameter soil moisture. Monitoring System.
The moisture sensor of the soil moisture monitoring system complies with the time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology of the "Soil Regulatory Monitoring Specification SL000-2005 Water Conservancy Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China" and therefore can meet the requirements for moisture measurement of various quality inspection departments. The greatest advantage of the soil moisture monitoring system is that a single system can simultaneously perform six simultaneous vertical detections at 40 monitoring points, and can display soil moisture content at different depths in real time, making it easier to compare spatial differences. In addition, the soil moisture monitoring system can achieve fixed-point recording. You only need to set the sampling period (10 seconds to 30 days). The system will record the soil monitoring points according to your requirements. Moreover, the powerful data storage space of the soil moisture monitoring system enables you to view the log data at any time without worrying about obstacles such as insufficient space. Then, data analysis, report generation, and curve display are used to represent soil moisture data at the measurement points.

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