Synthetic resin: transfer from the main road to the boutique

There are many bulk products, few high-performance products, and structural contradictions. This is a common problem in many chemical products in China, and the same is true for the synthetic resin industry.
The demand for plastic products in China has increased substantially in recent years, stimulating the development of synthetic resins. In 2009, the output reached 30.09 million tons. However, in the fields of resin special materials and high-performance resins, the situation of heavy dependence on imports has not changed. The unilateral increase in the output of “Daluohuo” exposed the weakness of domestic enterprises’ technological innovation and new product development capabilities. As a result, we have no say at all in terms of high-value-added varieties. Instead, foreign companies have the final say. .
As a basic industry related to the healthy development of the downstream, the shortage of high-end synthetic resin has become one of the soft underbelly of the development of the domestic plastics industry. If a company only produces major commodities, its development prospects are worrying. At the same time as expansion and reconstruction, more efforts are devoted to the use of special materials, and the development of more domestically needed high-tech and high-value-added resin varieties is the key to synthetic resin companies gaining market competitiveness.
The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industry" has given full attention to this. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China will focus on breaking through and developing high-performance, low-cost manufacturing technologies for bulk synthetic materials and key synthetic materials. The polyolefin industry will focus on the development of 4-6 kinds of polyethylene special resins in the adjustment of industrial structure. Cross-linked polyethylene special material is one of them. Liaoyang Petrochemical's special materials for cross-linked polyethylene entered the market, and it was the beginning of high-value-added products to replace "road goods."

Derrick Crane

Derrick crane, also known as Roof Crane, is installed on a fixed foundation. The top of its mast is fixed with the back braces (stiff legs). BQ models of derrick crane includes 10T Derrick Crane 2533A, 6T Derrick Crane DCB20-6, 10T Derrick Crane DCB24-10, 12T Derrick Crane DCB30-12, 16T Derrick Crane DCB30-16, 18T Derrick Crane DCB42-18.

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