The elderly person in a car accident broke the pedestrian's umbrella

Old man in traffic accident crashes passersby parachute shawl wounded afraid to refuse medical diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-28

Under the hot sun, the elderly met a car accident
There are umbrellas for 40 minutes
Old man riding a tricycle with car scraping, falling to the ground
Helping, moving chairs, umbrellas, enthusiastic people in a circle
Yesterday morning readers call:
(Shijiazhuang) At the intersection of Yuhua East Road and West Street, a tricycle and a car scraped and the old man riding a tricycle fell to the ground. Many people came to help and the scene was very touching.
At 11:50 yesterday, the provincial capital Yuhua East Road and West Street intersection, an elderly man riding a tricycle from east to west to the middle of the intersection, with a car that is about to turn from West Street into Yuhua Road rub. The old man fell heavily on the ground, and the driver of the sedan hurriedly stumbled.
"There is a situation at the intersection, hurry to save people!" is less than 30 meters away from the scene of the accident, is the HKUST police station. The police officers and colleagues immediately on duty set prompt signs at the scene to prevent other vehicles from causing secondary injuries to the elderly.
"Uncle, how are you doing, can you stand up?" Li police officer asked under his knees. But the old man could not speak a word, his expression was very painful. Seeing the situation of congestion on the right side of the head of the elderly, police officers Li quickly dialed 120 and 122.
At about 12 o'clock, the old man gradually recovered his consciousness. With the help of police officer Li and others, the old man was helped to sit down on a chair by the side of the road. Considering the hot weather, a patrol team member took off his hat and put it on the old man's head.
At this time, a passing citizen took the initiative to hold up an umbrella to shade the elderly. In 40 minutes, this umbrella has not been put down.
The female driver who drove saw that the elderly was in a bad state and anxiously began to cry.
"You don't worry. The police will investigate the specific cause of the accident." Li said, while comforting the female driver, he looked at the items in the tricycle that he had helped and found a notebook. He contacted the old man's wife through the telephone above.
After the medical staff arrived at the scene, they immediately conducted initial inspections of the elderly, including blood pressure, and asked the elderly to go to the hospital for further examination. However, the elderly people waved their hands again and again.
At 12:30, the old man’s husband arrived at the scene. "He was 73 years old, had cerebral thrombosis and was very afraid to go to the hospital." His wife explained.
At 12:50, after the on-site care of medical personnel and numerous citizens, the old man's physical condition returned to normal. After consultation, the old man decided to go home. "Thank you so much, I did not expect so many enthusiastic people to help." The old man's husband is very excited, and he always thanked everyone.
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