The first batch of tungsten and tellurium rare earth mining indicators clear

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China Drying Network News Office of the Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued the first batch of control indicators for the total amount of tungsten ore mined rare earth ore in 2013, which was determined according to 50% of the targets issued in 2012. The total mining control indicators for the whole year will be determined in accordance with relevant national policies and market changes, and will be issued in the second quarter of 2013.

Among them: tungsten mining concentrates (content of tungsten trioxide 65%) total mining control index is 4,350 tons, of which the main mining index is 34,700 tons, the comprehensive utilization index is 8,800 tons; the total mining control index of antimony ore (metal) is 37,680 tons; The mine (RE oxide rare earth oxide REO) control index totaled 46,900 tons, of which the ionized rare earth ore index was 8,950 tons and the rock and mineral type light rare earth ore index was 37,950 tons.

In order to protect the above-mentioned advantageous minerals and improve China's right to speak in the international mining market, the Ministry of Land and Resources has implemented total mining control for the above three minerals for many years. The Ministry of Land and Resources also requested that all provincial (district) land and resources authorities should do a good job in the verification of the implementation of the 2012 tungsten ore, antimony and rare earth minerals mining total control indicators, and report the inspection results to the Ministry by the end of January.

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