·The first IEC international electric vehicle charging and replacing standard issued Nanjing Pusdir products to become an international standard

Recently, the electric vehicle replacement connector developed by Nanjing Pusdir Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the first international standard for IEC power change connectors (IEC/TS 63066 Ed.1), which can be used for new energy vehicles to replace battery boxes and energy storage. Application scenarios such as equipment signify that domestic enterprises have achieved leadership in related fields and have the right to make rules.


Figure 1 IEC/TS 63066 Ed.1 standard cover


Figure 2 Standard interface scheme proposed by Nanjing Pusdir Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The connector product was developed by Pusdell in 2010 for the electric bus replacement project proposed by the State Grid. Through the relevant patent structure, the battery pack realizes floating connection in the X/Y direction ±10mm and Z direction ±3mm, and is fastened by the locking of the relevant structure of the battery pack. The connector is in the bump, tail, brake, cold and high temperature of the vehicle. In the harsh environment such as humidity, it can meet the rated current of 400A and the rated voltage of 750V for stable power supply. It can pass the actual verification test of voltage, insulation, temperature rise and vibration according to the standard requirements. From 2012 to 2016, the Pusdir electric vehicle replacement products were applied in large-scale power stations such as Changchun, Nanjing, Yantai, Tianjin, Houma, Xinjiang, Hainan, etc. Through practical application across the country, the products were actually tested. To lay a solid foundation for mass production and application.
This standard fills the gap in the international electric vehicle battery replacement system connector. Since the battery replacement technology can effectively solve the problem of rapid replenishment of electric vehicle energy in public transportation applications such as public transportation and taxis, it is extremely important to promote the promotion of electric vehicles in this application field, and the battery replacement system connector is exactly A key part of battery replacement technology. Nanjing Pushier Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. promotes the standardization strategy, invests its perspective and integrates it into the world stage, and achieves results in the development of international standards for battery replacement system connectors, gains industry voice, gains industry leading edge, and gains industry leadership. The definition of the interface of the standardized international electric vehicle battery replacement system can establish the high-end image of China's related products in the international market, lead the transformation and upgrading of relevant domestic industries, and expand the territory in the international market to realize the national “Belt and Road” Go out" strategy.
“First-class enterprises make standards, second-rate enterprises make brands, third-rate enterprises make products”, and the ability to set standards represents a leading technological innovation capability of an enterprise in the industry. International standards usually reflect the strengths and innovations of the setters, can form certain technical barriers, enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products and technologies in the international market, and help enterprises to go global. Research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the US Department of Commerce has shown that standards and conformity assessments affect 80% of world trade, so the development of participation standards is of great importance to the company's technology and business development.
Note: IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), like ISO and ITU, is currently the most influential international standardization organization. It is the earliest international standardization institute for electricians in the world and is responsible for international standardization work in the fields of electrical engineering and electronic engineering.

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