The intelligent development of crusher becomes inevitable

The crusher is a machine that crushes a large-size solid raw material to a desired size. The crusher can be classified into a coarse crusher, a crusher, and an ultrafine crusher according to the size of the crushed or crushed material. Among them, the ultrafine crusher consists of coarse crushing, fine crushing, pneumatic conveying and other devices, and is widely applicable to different fields of medicine, food and other industries. With the advancement of intelligentization, the level of automation and intelligence of crushers will also increase.
Grasp the Future The Trend of Intelligent Development of Crushers

As we all know, the development of automation and intelligent control can be said to be the goals that the machinery industry has been pursuing for the current or longer period of time. Automation and intelligence often complement each other, and intelligent control can be said to be a higher level of automation. At present, with the continuous popularization of automation, the degree of automation of crushers is also getting higher and higher. From the previously unwieldy operation of the gear levers, it has gradually developed into the control of PLC touch panels. The operation is simpler and more convenient, and the real people of crushers have been realized. The machine integration operation, while reducing labor costs, has greatly improved the company's production efficiency and improved efficiency.

The development of any industry must put scientific and technological innovation into the development of new products. The market for crushing machines is huge, and the pace of contact and absorption of new technologies should be increased. Many companies have already devoted themselves to the automation of crushers and accelerated the automation of crushers. The convenience of one-button operation is like a car's one-button activation, which makes the operator comfortable and superior. However, we must see that the current crusher automation is only performed in terms of maneuvering, human-machine interaction, and much progress is needed in the intelligent design of machines.

The intelligent development of the crusher should begin in design, production and other aspects. If automation can greatly improve production efficiency and product output, then intelligence can significantly improve the machine in the quality control, crushing material quality control, crushing fineness adjustment, crusher self-coefficient detection adjustment and other aspects have achieved remarkable results.

Intelligentization is the sublimation of automation, which requires the input of advanced technological productivity, and incorporates many new technologies such as computers and chip manipulation into the development of crushers. Theory is often greater than practice, but theory is the foundation of practice. As a pulverizer R&D enterprise, it is necessary to have a sense of advanced innovation to grasp the future.

Excellence in the field of ultrafine pulverizer food

As one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in the food industry, the ultrafine crusher can bring breakthroughs in the food industry under the general intelligent development trend of the crusher industry.

Pericarp and kernels can be transformed into foods by ultrafine grinding. The vegetables are ground into a micropowder at low temperatures, which preserves all nutrients and increases the water solubility due to micronization. The inedible parts of some plants and animals such as bones, shells (egg shells), shellfish, and shrimps, etc., can also become calcium sources and chitin that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the human body through ultramicronization. The AMD is like a magician, turning waste into treasure, turning it into magic.

Using ultrafine grinding technology, it is possible to develop soft drinks such as powdered tea, solid bean beverages, and ultra-fine bone meal, calcium-rich beverages, and instant mung bean beverages. If the tea is made into powdered tea at normal temperature and in a dry state, and the particle size of the powder is less than 5 μm (micrometers), all nutrients of the tea are easily absorbed by the human body. The tea powder of green tea, flower tea, black tea, and oolong tea can be added to various foods and daily necessities to process a variety of new tea products.

The overall intelligent development of the pulverizer industry has become a trend. In this environment, ultrafine pulverizers will surely follow, helping the crushing process of the food industry to be more automated, standardized and refined, and the safety will be greatly improved. The quality of foods and pharmaceuticals processed after crushing animals and plants as raw materials often depends on the degree of refinement of grinding and grinding. At this time, the production process of the ultrafine crusher equipment has a little bit of improvement and will bring about qualitative changes to the development of the food industry. Therefore, the food industry expects a breakthrough in ultra-fine crusher technology. However, for now, technological breakthroughs have yet to be sustained by the ultra-fine crusher manufacturers.

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