Treatment of wading vehicles

In the process of driving, it is very likely to encounter heavy rain. Sometimes we have to let the vehicles wading. Although it is known that vehicle wading can bring certain effects, many of these situations cannot be avoided. If there has been a case of vehicle wading, what are the consequences? What should I do if I encounter such a situation? Let's take a look at the introduction of these issues by professionals.


First, the engine failed. When the car is wading, the surface of the water is higher than the air intake of the engine. Water will enter the cylinder. Since the water cannot be compressed, this causes the crankshaft to push the connecting rod to be bent by the water. When the engine is turned off after entering the water, if you try to start it again, then the resulting loss is very large, the engine will be instantly hit by the cylinder, the maintenance cost is very large. In case of flooding and extinction, do not restart the vehicle. Wait until the water recedes and check and repair.

Second, there are problems with electronic systems. Many cars in the city are equipped with electronic devices such as SUVs. If the car is wading, it will also have a certain impact on the electronic system. If the electronic circuit is damaged, the electronic module will be short-circuited and the vehicle will fail to control. If you encounter such a situation, do not debug it at will because it may cause damage to other lines. In order to ensure their own safety and the vehicle will not be further damaged, it is best to wait for rescue workers to come and transport the vehicle to the 4S shop for professional overhaul.

Third, interior decoration is soaked in water. Compared with the above two cases, the interior decoration is soaked in the situation is easier to handle. There are many microorganisms in the rain, and it is easy to cause mildew in the environment where the temperature is high in the car. It is a very serious damage to the decorations in the car. If it becomes moldy, even the seating of a leather fabric is hard to resist. In addition, speakers in the car, air conditioners, and lighting fixtures are prone to malfunction if they are soaked in water. The only way to encounter such a situation is to promptly open the door to the air, rush out the soaked items, dry or find a professional to help handle.

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