TUL suitcase features

In addition to being able to automatically weigh its weight, and in order to keep its sensors and related hardware safe during transportation, the TUL suitcase also uses a protective case called the Poron XRD that surrounds the case. This case is shock-resistant. It also has a strong hiding effect on scratches and dents.

This suitcase is protected by a protective cover and can also be secured with Velcro fasteners. Other features include water resistance, TSA-approved locks, multiple pockets and wheels, TUL funding through Kickstarter, in 19 days The goal is 95,000 U.S. dollars.

Clean shed,also known as clean booth, Clean Room or clean workstation, is the most quickly and easily creat a simple clean room.Internal clean class level of the clean shed can up to 100-100000 level, clean room is commonly used in the turbulence-clean room space.Clean room adopts the separate high efficiency HEPA filters, or ULPA as well as the FFU to constitute the senior clean space.

Clean room advantages:

1 Economy-compared to the traditional civil style clean room,the cost is greatly reduced.

2 Efficiency-supply clean vertical airflow,maintainning the clean class level of indoor.

3 Convenience-a standard 10*10 clean shed just only take a few hours to install,easier disassembly.

4 Flexibility-bracket type can increacse the number of FFU in order to raised clean class level from ten thousand up to one hundred.


Clean room used for high purification level requirement of internal workshop,such as the domain of assenbly linework,high-precision product assembly area,like LCM, CMOS Camera Module, Touch Play, Optical Module, FILM,Packing.

clean room

Clean Room

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