Two common accelerated aging tests for rubber

Two Common Accelerated Aging Tests for Rubber We know there are several test methods for accelerated aging test: oven accelerated aging test, oxygen bomb accelerated aging test, air bomb accelerated aging test, artificial weather accelerated aging test, hygrothermal aging test, ozone Accelerated aging test, salt spray corrosion test, artificial anti-mildew test and so on. Among them, the oven accelerated aging test and hygrothermal aging test are the two most commonly used accelerated aging test methods. Today we talk about the characteristics of these two accelerated aging test methods.

The relevant equipment for accelerated weathering of ovens includes blast drying ovens, vacuum drying ovens, ventilation aging test boxes, etc. These devices are mainly aimed at the thermal oxygen aging of some materials under storage conditions (and of course, also for drying). The test is a method in which a test sample is suspended in a heat aging test box under specified conditions (such as temperature, wind speed, etc.), and the appearance and performance of the test sample are periodically checked and measured to evaluate the heat resistance thereof. Ways. This test method is mainly used to determine the storage properties of some vulcanizates. The oven accelerated aging test is intuitive and simple, and it is close to the actual process. In some cases, the accuracy of the results is acceptable. The national standard standardized the test method and formulated GB/T 17782 "Vulcanized Rubber Pressure Air Heat Aging Test Method" and GB/T3512 "Vulcanized Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber - Hot Air Accelerated Aging and Heat Resistance Test".

Another common accelerated aging test method is the hygrothermal aging test. There are several types of test equipment related to it: constant temperature and humidity test chambers, high and low temperature damp heat test chambers, and high and low temperature impact test chambers. The deterioration of rubber due to moisture and heat is mainly manifested in the penetration of water vapour into rubber and the acceleration of this penetration by heat. It exposes the test sample to a moist hot air environment, through the action of hot air and water vapor, according to regulations. The time to test the performance changes of the sample to assess the resistance to heat and humidity aging properties of rubber. Hygrothermal aging test conditions must be determined according to the material properties, conditions of use and test objectives, and then set the relevant test conditions according to the test equipment parameters. The hygrothermal aging test is closer to the actual situation than the data measured by the accelerated aging test of the oven, because the aging of outdoor materials is not only affected by the temperature conditions, but the humidity of the environment is also very obvious for rubber aging. Its Chinese standard GB/T l5905 “Vulcanized and Heated Weathering Test Method for Vulcanized Rubber” has explicit regulations. When customers set test condition parameters, they can refer to the standard for testing.

Line Laser

â—† Line Lasers

CNI can offer line lasers at all existing wavelengths and output power, also the divergence are available in fan angles of 5°, 7°, 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°,90°and 100° for custom applications. These series lasers can be used to display a uniform straight reference line for use in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control.

Pgl Fs Line
Line Laser 1
Blue Line5
Line Laser Nir
Red Laser (Line) Green Laser (Line) Blue Laser (Line) NIR Laser (Line)

Line Lasers for Roads, Railways, Tunnels and High-speed Rail Detection
Line Laser Nir
For road detection and railway detection, tunnel detection and high-speed rail detection and other engineering detection, CNI can provide 808nm, 915nm (available for other wavelength) line laser, the line width can be provided for 1mm, 2mm and special custom requirements.
Features: High stability to adapt to various environments, compact and easy to integrate into a variety of equipments.

Line Laser Module for Machine Vision
Line Z Violet
CNI provide line laser solution for machine vision, with precision fringes, uniform power distribution, clear edges. The luminance uniformity can be up to 85%, power stability less than 0.5% and straightness error less than 0.1%. The fan angle is available for 7°, 10°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°.
Features: Perfect line uniformity, focus adjustable function available, lens with continuously adjustable line width can be customized on request.

Fiber Coupled Line Lasers for Long Distance Transmission
Line Laser Longdistance
For long distance transmission Fiber Laser, CNI can also provide line lasers, which can realize the green, blue, red and near infrared laser line generation, with generating line angle of 30°, 60 °, 75°, 90°. Moreover, it can also be customized according to customer's special requirements.
Features: Perfect line uniformity, lens with continuously adjustable line width can be customized according to customer needs.

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