U.S. and Japan Announce Strengthening of Security Cooperation

After the leaders of the United States and Japan met in Washington on April 30th, they reiterated that the alliance between the two countries is the cornerstone of peace, security, and stability in the Asia Pacific region. The two countries seek to further strengthen bilateral security and defense cooperation so as to achieve the bilateral relations between the leaders of the two countries. New ideas.

US President Barack Obama met with Japanese Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko at the White House that day. The two sides issued a joint statement after the meeting concluded that the international environment is changing and the Asia-Pacific region is facing various challenges. The US-Japan alliance is indispensable for the security of Japan and the 'peace, security, and economic prosperity' of the region.
A senior U.S. government official stated that the main goal of the U.S.-Japan summit is to define the 'shared vision' of the two countries’ partnerships and alliances in the 21st century. After the meeting, Obama and Noda told a joint press conference that according to their unanimously agreed concept, the two sides agreed that the US-Japan alliance is still the 'foundation' for maintaining the security and prosperity of the two countries, as well as maintaining regional peace and security.' cornerstone'.

Release date:2012/5/2 13:32:42

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