Use of liberation sprinkler fuel gauge water temperature gauge

Liberating the sprinkler fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.
0: No fuel in the fuel tank.
1: Indicates that the fuel in the fuel tank is full.

After turning off the start switch, the pointer still indicates the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.

Two fuel tanks, each with a capacity of 200L.
The continuous mileage of the car is 1000km.

Liberating the sprinkler water temperature gauge The water temperature gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature, between 50 and 110 the normal temperature. After each cold start of the engine, it must be warmed up at a low speed to warm up. When the temperature of the coolant reaches 50°C or more (about the right of the short line on the right side of the scale 50), it can start driving. While driving, pay attention to the water temperature meter and keep the coolant temperature within the range of 75-95°C (approximately halfway between the two scales).
If the pointer is out of the 110 scale, it indicates that the engine has a tendency to overheat and should stop immediately to check and troubleshoot. Under normal use conditions, the radiator cord is fully open, and the thermostat and fan clutch automatically adjust the coolant temperature to the optimum operating temperature. When it is particularly cold, the radiator cord can be lowered to adjust the coolant temperature.

Liberating the sprinkler oil pressure gauge indicates the operating pressure of the oil in the main oil gallery of the engine.

After the engine is started, check the oil pressure. Always observe the oil pressure while driving. When the engine is running normally, the pointer of the oil pressure gauge is normal between 0 and 6. If you find the oil pressure is too low, the pointer does not move or the pointer suddenly changes, you should stop and check to prevent burned parts. When the engine is working, the oil pressure must not be lower than 167 kPa.

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