Weichai: Ignite the Power of Culture and Drive the Future

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC National Congress, which ended in Beijing on October 18th, 2011, focused on cultural issues. Culturally strong countries have become major issues for China’s modernization. On the following day, on October 19, 2011, the 2011 national corporate culture live meeting was held in Weifang. Weichai Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base” by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association. Weichai Power The distinctive corporate culture has attracted much attention.

Weichai Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base"
Weichai Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base"

Unique "dynamic culture"

"A company without cultural support can not be successful. We have been exploring the essence of corporate culture for more than ten years," said Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power. The rapid development of Weichai in the past ten years has formed a cultural philosophy centered on passion culture, execution culture, and innovation culture. After absorbing the merger of the Hunan Torch in 2007, Weichai proposed a new culture of “inclusiveness, communication, and responsibility”. , And was recognized by the entire group; Weichai began to gradually introduce the Thanksgiving culture, and finally formed a "dynamic culture" system with the characteristics of Weichai.

Weichai Power Chairman Tan Xuguang
Weichai Power Chairman Tan Xuguang

Talking about why the National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base was awarded to Weichai, Yin Yiping, executive vice president of the China Entrepreneurs Federation, stated that Weichai Power is the most representative and has three major business platforms for heavy trucks, power systems and auto parts. Automotive and equipment manufacturing companies. Weichai Power Co., Ltd. has always played a leading role in corporate culture and supported it. In accordance with a clear development strategy, it has relied on scientific governance institutions, sound institutional mechanisms, and strict institutional processes. It is determined to reform, seize opportunities, dare to challenge, and be creative, continuously. The company has achieved rapid growth for many years, has consistently achieved outstanding performance in the industry, and has created a typical experience of promoting sustainable and healthy development of the company's culture.

Entrepreneurship culture is the support of corporate culture

In Weichai’s science and technology exhibition hall, Weichai’s “about three chapters” exhibition board attracted the attention of reporters. “We insist on principles, dare to take courage, don’t do good people, and don’t be Pacific officials; we plunge ourselves and do real work for the enterprise. Actually, to do good things for employees; to set a good example, to be honest, to require employees to do it, we first do it, do not allow employees to do, we resolutely do not” This is the first time in 1998 Weichai new leadership team took office to all employees The "three chapters" of the "covenant" made solemn promises that over the past decade or so, the appointment of the three chapters has become the code of conduct for the Weichai leadership.

In traditional culture, Wang Yangming, a representative of the Confucian school of thought, advocates the unity of knowledge and practice, because only practice can better explore the essence of things, and only practice can fully embody the moral consciousness. Weichai Power's leadership team has achieved the unity of knowledge and action. They set an example, took the lead in setting standards, and consciously practiced corporate values. They actively explored the effective combination of corporate culture and management practices, effective ways to integrate the group culture, and ignited businesses with dynamic culture. The passion of entrepreneurship at all levels of the management team and the vast number of employees has enabled the corporate culture to effectively translate into corporate cohesion, combat effectiveness and competitiveness.

In different stages of enterprise development, different levels of cultural support are needed. Chairman Tan Xuguang will give important instructions on the construction of corporate culture and provide guiding opinions. At the present stage of development of the company, the company is also elevating its corporate culture construction to the strategic development, resource allocation and promotion of sustainable and healthy business operations. The establishment of a corporate culture demonstration base is the beginning of Weichai's corporate culture and sublimation. At the same time, it will also inject new ideas into the entire corporate culture system.

Corporate Culture Promotes Corporate Development and Innovation

Culture is an indispensable spiritual homeland for the daily life of the Chinese people. Culture is the soul and symbol of the people’s conscious, the people’s self-prosperity, and the nation’s excitement. For a successful company, the role of its corporate culture cannot be ignored. of.

More than ten years of continuous reform and innovation, with great concentration on building core competitiveness, enabled Weichai to achieve leapfrog development, established a leading position in China's automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, and gradually took a certain amount of power in the global market. After many mergers and acquisitions, Weichai's cultural fusion and other corporate cultures interact and interact with each other to absorb and infiltrate each other, and finally form a brand-new culture that combines the qualities of different cultures. Tan Xuguang stated that in the future, not only should cultural construction be integrated into operations, but also be incorporated into corporate development strategies, and a cultural construction plan should be formulated around the plans for the next 10 to 20 years.

To lead the development of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises with concept innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation. This is the role of advanced corporate culture, and the unique dynamic culture will continue to lead Weichai to continue its development and innovation.

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