What are the advantages of networked insecticidal lights?

The insecticidal lamp is an indispensable insecticide equipment in the development of modern ecological agriculture. The equipment can not only effectively kill pests, reduce pest and disease index, and control pests and insect-borne diseases, but also does not cause pollution to the agricultural environment and effectively reduce pesticides. With the use of toxic agents, insecticidal lamps are very much in line with the development needs of modern agriculture. However, with the development of the Internet of Things technology, people are not satisfied with the traditional insecticidal lamp functions. For example, Top Cloud Yunnong has developed a networked insect killer lamp with networking functions. Compared with the traditional insect killer lamp, the network kills What are the advantages of worm light?

Networked insect killer

First of all, we can know that the networked insecticidal lamp realizes networking and solves many of the traditional insecticidal lamp failures. For example, ordinary insecticidal lamps do not work during the day because they are night work. To determine if the work is normal, It is only possible to see if it is working at night with the naked eye; ordinary insecticidal lamps are powered by solar energy, the charge and discharge of their batteries, and whether the charge of electricity can maintain the electrical energy needed during the working hours of insecticidal lamps in the evening. Artificially observed at night, because the insecticidal lamp worked for a period of 6 hours at a time, it caused great inconvenience to manual observation. After the application of the connected insecticidal lamp, these problems can be solved very well.

The common aspect of the networked insect killer lamp and the common insect killer lamp is that the networked insect killer adopts the internet of things technology and the intelligent control technology, so the function is more comprehensive, and a mobile phone app can remotely switch the insect killer lamp; remote viewing The distribution of all equipment; remotely view the working status of each insecticidal lamp; remotely check the equipment power status, etc. In addition, the networked insecticidal lamp also carries the maintenance reminder push function; the number of insect killing counter function. Therefore, the application of the networked insecticidal lamp will not only reduce the maintenance cost, but also the management effect and the insecticidal effect will be more prominent, which will meet the needs of modern large-scale agricultural development.

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