What is the bidding process for building intelligent security monitoring project?

For weak security and security engineering companies, some large-scale engineering projects often need to compete through bidding and other friendly companies before they can take the project. Bidding is not just about producing a bid, but it also includes a lot of links and details, and these links and details are often the key factors that determine the success of bidding.
What is the bidding process for building intelligent security monitoring project?
First, the selection of tenders
When a landlord bids, a contractor is often allowed to report multiple bids at the same time. The bidders have to consider whether to vote for several bids or bids, and they have the strength to make as many tenders as possible. The number of bid submission segments is too small and the coverage of bids is small, which limits the flexibility of bid operations and reduces the rate of successful bids. Too much, and in a limited time, the preparation of tenders is heavy and the editorial staff are distracted, which affects the quality of tender writing and reduces the bid winning rate. At the same time, it also increased the cost of purchasing and preparing bids.
In selecting the location of the project bid, first, the construction content of the selected bid must be consistent with the strength of the construction of the unit; second, the size of the bid must be taken into consideration, and the construction must be taken into account. If conditions permit, the construction site can be viewed on site. Make decisions; Third, pay attention to avoiding stronger competitors.
Second, the preparation of tenders
The preparation of bids is the main content of the bidding work. After the general owner sells the bid, the pre-bid meeting attended by the bidder will be held soon and an on-site examination will be organized to answer the bidders' questions about the tender and the construction site. Therefore, bidders must pay close attention to the time and carefully study the bidding documents after they have purchased bids, list out the list of questions that need to be answered by the owners, and list of items that need to be investigated and understood at the site.
After looking at the bidding documents, it is necessary to find out the problems in time, such as: determining the deadline of the bidding documents, the name and contact information of the bidding agency, the time and place of submitting the bidding documents, the amount of the bid security, and the bid security. Submission form. At this time, special attention should be paid to the requirements part of the bidding documents, especially the addition of the * part.
The main contents of the site survey include: topography, local climate, hydrological conditions, road traffic conditions, distribution of sources for local materials, transportation distance of various materials, power supply, communication conditions, consumption levels, social security status. , comprehensive socio-economic situation and so on.
After the on-the-spot examination, a marking plan shall be formulated immediately to clarify the division of labor, so that the entire marking process shall be carried out according to the plan so as to avoid loosening and shoddy work. The main content of the bid is the project budget price and construction organization design.
The preparation of the budget should pay attention to the following issues: First, the quota used must be correct. If the owner does not specify it, the latest quota in the same industry is generally used; second, the unit price of the budget should consider the price fluctuation during construction; and third, the project The quantity shall be based on the list of the quantity of works given by the owner. Even if any obvious errors are found, they can't be adjusted by themselves without the written approval of the owner. Fourth, the expenses for other projects such as reserve fees, supervision fees, tentative payments, etc. shall be listed in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents. Fifth, the review of the budget after completion of the preparation of the budget must not be mistaken.
In addition, attention should be paid to the unification of project budget and construction organization design. The construction plan is the necessary basis for budget preparation. The budget in turn guides the adjustment of the construction plan. The two are integrated and inseparable.
The construction organization design of the project is one of the basis for the construction management after the successful bidder and supervision of the supervision engineer. It must be scientific, reasonable and practical. The construction organization design mainly includes: the project management department personnel organization composition, the project construction plan, the construction site layout, the schedule of construction schedule, the labor force and the equipment deployment, the quality assurance measure, the safety production measure, the logistic supply measure and so on.
The construction project plan is the key to this, and it directly affects the success or failure of the budget price and the bid. The bidder must make initial calculations and comparisons according to the conditions of the site inspection. To determine a reasonable and economical plan. The schedule of the project shall be at least earlier than the time limit of the owner, in order to obtain the advance reward score in the bid evaluation.
Third, determine the final offer price
The final bid price for bids is based on the budget price prepared by the bid unit. After a comprehensive consideration of various factors, the quotation for the further revision of the budget price may be presented in the tender or may be reported in the form of a lowering letter. The final bid price of the bidding unit generally accounts for 60%-70% of the entire bid value, which will have a direct impact on the successful bid. Therefore, it must be carefully analyzed and compared repeatedly according to the project budget so that the final quotation determined is close to the quotation as much as possible, and the successful bid rate can be increased. The following is based on the different types of tender project quotes, on how to determine the final quote separately.
1, a reasonable quotation
The reasonable standard is the most basic form commonly used for project bidding. The so-called rational mark is that the owner develops a “bid base” for project bidding according to the project design budget. The bid price of the bidder’s bid is compared with the owner’s bid base, and the error is within the reasonable range defined by the owner. Within it, it is called "entry". After determining the qualification of the candidate winning bidder, the owner will organize the staff to comprehensively review the bids of the finalists and calculate the overall score of the bidder. On the contrary, the final quotation of the bidder is not within the scope of the limit, and it is called the "flying standard". Such bid units have no winning bid.
A reasonable bid is generally a quotation that is slightly lower than the owner's (-5% - -8%) bid, and may be a range or a definite number. Therefore, the bidder should use the correct budget as the basis, carefully analyze and study the possible scope of the owner's bid, and calculate the bid's best bid as the final bid price. The simple calculation formula for the reasonable bid price is:
Among them: B is the optimal bid price; A is the project design budget; C is the bottom coefficient, generally 0.90-0.95; K is the quote coefficient, generally 0.92-0.95. The closer the Bidder’s final quote is to B, the higher the score.
2, composite quotation
The compound mark is a special form of the reasonable mark. The mark of the project is the weighted average of the final price quoted by the bidder and the bid price of the bidder. It is called “composite base”. The final quotation of each bidder unit is compared with that of the owner, and the error is within the range specified by the owner. This is called the “first entry”.
The average of the final quotations for the first-listed bidders is weighted with the average of the owners' bids, and the composite bid is obtained. Afterwards, the final quotation of the first-listed bidders is compared with the re-composite base price, and the error is within the range specified by the owner, which is called "secondary entry". The second round of bid winners are eligible for the winning bid winner. The owner will organize the personnel to fully review the bids of these units and calculate the overall bid score of each unit. Regardless of whether they are first-time candidates or not, all bidders who have not entered the bid for the second time are called “flying standards”. Such bidders have no qualification for winning the bid.
Therefore, in addition to the analysis of the owner's bid, the bid price of the competitor must be taken into account when calculating the project complex project, and the approximate scope of the compound bid should be calculated. The bid for the bid of the composite bid project bid is slightly lower than or equal to the quotation of the composite bid. The formula for calculating the best bid is:
Among them: B is the best bid price; A is the quota for the quotation project design; c is the base price of the owner, which is generally 0.92-0.95; d1 and d2 are coefficients, d1+d2=1; R1, R2...Rn are bid units Final quotation; n is the number of bidders; k is the quotation coefficient, generally taking 0.95-1.
3, low price quotation
The low price mark is a special form of project bidding, that is, the bid unit with the lowest bid price is the preferred bid. The use of loans from international financial institutions to invest in the construction of projects, such as the Yellow River Xiaolangdi project. Such projects are often openly tendered internationally, and the companies participating in the bids have strong capabilities and fierce competition. Due to the participation and supervision of international financial institutions, the project construction management system is relatively strict, from bidding and bidding to contract implementation. The construction process is managed according to the international FIDIC contract terms.
When participating in bidding for such projects, it is not possible to bid tenderly and bid prices are driven down blindly, resulting in loss of construction after winning the bid. The bidders should carefully read and repeatedly study the bidding documents, fully understand the overall situation of the project, optimize the construction organization of the project, and calculate the cost of the project construction based on the management level of the unit. The bid for the bid with low price is based on the principle of not lower than the cost price.
In addition to the analysis of the different types of quotes mentioned above, it is also necessary to note the following issues: First, when multiple bids are placed in the same project, the final quotation for each bid must not be on a standard level. There must be a certain degree of step. In other words, the final quotations that increase or decrease at the basic points of the regular budget must have a certain step difference in the increase and decrease of each bid segment. This ensures that the quotation of one bid segment is close to the optimal quotation, and the overall “d "The phenomenon. This is why as many bid segments as mentioned above have been discussed.
The second is to analyze and study the competitors’ bidding quotations so that they can know each other better. This is a difficult but very practical task. If one can analyze the opponent’s quotation, it can make their own quotations better than their opponents. It is possible to avoid excessively lowering the bid price in order to win the bid, thereby obtaining better economic benefits after winning the bid.
Third, in some cases when the food is not accurate, the final price is based on the principle that the price is low and not high. In short, measuring and determining the final bid price is a systematic and complicated task, and there are often many factors that cannot be determined. It is necessary to accumulate empirical analysis and judgment. Therefore, as a contractor, it is necessary to pay attention to the accumulation of project bidding experience in order to obtain greater success in project bidding.

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