Yongzhou Fuda Jiayuan Phase I Project

Project of Phase I of the Fudajia Park in Yongzhou City (2011-2012, 0.1 billion)
Project Name: Yongzhou Fuda Jiayuan Phase I Project Area: Yongzhou City, Hunan Province Progress Period: Construction Phase Construction Period: 2011-2012 Major Equipment: Tower Cranes, Excavators, Valve Components, Paints, Building Materials , exterior wall decoration materials, window glass, sanitary ware, elevators, steel structures, low-voltage electrical appliances, construction electrical appliances, sanitary ware, and ceramic products.
Project Description:
The project is located at the junction of Zixia East Road and Chunjiang Road in Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou, Hunan, with a construction area of ​​18672.02m2; including 1# building 6519.25m2, 4# building 5946.67m2, 5# building 6190.09m2, and 7-storey brick-concrete structure.

Construction Unit: Yongzhou Phoenix Park Fuda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Postal address: Yongzhou City, Hunan Province Post Code: 425000
Contact person: Mr. Jiang Tel

Design Unit: Yongzhou City Planning and Design Institute Postal address: Yanjiang Road, Huangshuitan District, Yongzhou, China Post Code: 425000
Contact: Lu Jianchun Telephone Fax

Construction Unit: Yongzhou No. 4 Engineering Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 31, Yanjiang East Road, Hedong, Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province Post Code: 425000
Contact: Liang Xueqing Telephone

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