Young Mann Heavy-duty Production Base at Shizuishan Mountain, Ningxia Heavy Industry, Annual Assembly of 15,000 Units

On July 8, 2011, the project of Ningxia Shizuishan Youngman Automobile Co., Ltd. began mass production and has an annual assembly capacity of 15,000 heavy trucks, filling the gap in heavy truck production in Ningxia.

On November 2, 2010, Shizuishan Youngman Automobile Co., Ltd. and Shizuishan Youth Passenger Car Co., Ltd. invested and built by China Youth Automotive Group were registered at the same time. The two companies expect a total investment of 27.9 billion yuan. According to the agreement, the Youth Automotive Group plans to invest 26.709 billion yuan to build an annual output of 210,000 heavy trucks, 510,000 large-scale automobile engines, 60,000 automobile hybrid energy transmissions, 200,000 tons of automotive iron castings, aluminum castings, and aluminum-magnesium Alloy castings and automotive parts processing, automotive glass and solar glass projects.

Shizuishan Youngman Automobile Co., Ltd. truck project is one of the youth automobile group Shizuishan automobile manufacturing base project. After the youth group invested in Shizuishan, it acquired Shizuishan Sanqing Automobile Co., Ltd. with 100% equity, and transformed the original workshop to produce a heavy truck.

It is reported that the total investment of the Youth Automotive Group Shizuishan Automobile Manufacturing Base Project is 26.709 billion yuan, including an annual output of 200,000 sets (sets) of truck parts and components, an annual output of 100,000 tons of aluminum castings, and an annual output of 500,000 sets (sets) of engine parts Projects, annual production capacity of 60,000 hybrid gearbox projects, annual output of 18 million square meters of energy-saving glass deep-processing projects, and annual output of 100,000 tons of iron castings projects with core technologies and high added value. The overall project is located in Dawukou, Huinong and Pinglu counties (districts).

At the ceremony, the person in charge of the Shizuishan Project of the Youth Automotive Group signed a sales contract with the person in charge of Ningxia Youngman Heavy Truck sales, and the sales person in charge of Ningxia Youth Man Heavy Trucks signed a purchase contract with the customer.

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